Oklahoma Miracle: Common Core Officially Repealed   9 comments

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The hoped-for miracle happened.

After a long, remarkable effort led by Oklahoma parents and legislators, Governor Mary Fallin has signed Oklahoma’s  HB 3399 “Stop Common Core bill into law.

Governor Fallin stated:

“We are capable of developing our own Oklahoma academic standards that will be better than Common Core   What should have been a bipartisan policy is now widely regarded as the president’s plan to establish federal control of curricula, testing and teaching strategies.

We cannot ignore the widespread concern of citizens, parents, educators and legislators who have expressed fear that adopting Common Core gives up local control of Oklahoma’s public schools… 

“For that reason I am signing HB 3399 to repeal and replace Common Core with Oklahoma designed and implemented education standards…  They must raise the bar – beyond what Common Core offers…  I also ‘get it’ that Oklahoma standards must be exceptional, so when businesses and military families move to Oklahoma they can rest assured knowing their children will get a great education.

… While those new standards are being written, the state standards for English and math will revert to the Oklahoma Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS) standards used from 2003 to 2010. “

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How I wish I could be a fly on the wall, listening to conversations in Oklahoma now!   What is the local Oklahoma PTA saying?  What are Oklahoma state and local school boards thinking?  And what are Oklahoma’s chambers of commerce saying now to their members?  All these figureheads have pushed pro-Common Core marketing on parents and teachers and businesses for several years, and now they are having to change their whole story.

What are the students in Oklahoma saying?  What about the teachers!?  Are they having big bonfires, using the worthless pro-common core pamphlets, professional development handouts and books?

This is truly an historic moment.

The withdrawal from Common Core by Governor Fallin  –not only a member, but the chair of the National Governors Association –the same NGA to which Bill Gates has given millions upon millions of dollars to create and implement Common Core–  is a very big deal.

And the elephant that’s been crowding the room for years now –Common Core’s pretense of academic excellence– has taken a serious hit with Governor Fallin’s acknowledgement that Oklahoma’s soon-to-be-written NEW standards “must raise the bar beyond what Common Core offers.

Questions that will keep me up tonight:

Will Oklahoma’s new standards reintroduce Oklahoma’s children to mountains of stories and literature in unlimited amounts, re-igniting the love of language and reading?

Will Oklahoma’s new standards reinstate the traditional Algebra standards, and add higher math –beyond Common Core’s Algebra II?   Will they drop the absurd constructivist math methodology and teach math in clear, classical ways?

Will Oklahoma’s new standards require creation of an alternate college entrance exam, since the ACT, SAT, GED and AP have become Common Core aligned (corrupted)?

Will Oklahoma drop the common educational data standards (CEDS) and the common database that tracks children (SLDS) as well?

Will Oklahoma’s precedent of saying “no” to the unconstitutional moves of Secretary Duncan and President Obama also extend itself to dismiss the federally partnered, solely Common Core-aligned,  Pearson-Microsoft ed sales monstrosity?

How many thousands of not-from-Oklahoma teachers  plan to move from other states to Oklahoma –solely based on this turn of educational events?  How many parents in other states, who are exhausted from the effort of being endlessly dismissed by their state school boards and governors, are thinking what I’m thinking?

If the rest of our U.S. governors, legislators and school boards don’t see the light –and fast– it’s going to be wahoo, pack your bags and let’s move to Oklahoma.




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9 responses to “Oklahoma Miracle: Common Core Officially Repealed

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  1. Hallelujah! Truth finally overcame lies. The rest of the country will be watching to make sure Oklahoma’s are truly new standards, not just Common Core “renamed.” As the President of the NGA, Governor Fallin has guts. Now to do away with the NGA, and all the other councils/groups for elected and administrative office holders. Everyone of them has a little core of permanent party people pushing them to adopt Obama policies using his tactics of executive orders, departmental policies and agency regulations and by passing the elected legislatures.

    Bobbe Helmerick
  2. Reblogged this on kavips and commented:
    One more state is out of Common Core…. Good states get out of bad programs…. How much longer will the bad states remain in?

  3. This is awesome. A win for children everywhere. Time to press harder. Every reader of this needs to call their state legislators today and say:…” If common core is as good as you say, why is every state bailing out? What’s wrong with you that you can’t see it? Do you want to be remembered as was the captain of education’s Titanic?”….

    Every legislator is susceptible to pressure from their constituents…

  4. Thank you for your tireless very hard work. This is a victory for humankind against tyranny!

    Thanks, Jennifer


    Jennifer Wildenradt
  5. aaaaaah and the angels did sing!!!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOO

    Rebecca Platt-Harendza
  6. Another question that should keep us awake is what the Gates/Duncan/Coleman crowd will do now. Surely Oklahoma will be punished. This was a great victory but it is just the first battle; the war will rage on. Government control vs parental control. Force vs freedom. My Utah Constitution (1896) says, “The legislature shall make laws for the establishment and maintenance of a system of public schools, which shall be open to all the children of the State and be free from sectarian control.” Where did all the compulsion come from?

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