Salt Lake Tribune Hosts Video Interview: Judy Park v. Christel Swasey on Common Core Aligned SAGE Tests   6 comments

This week, the Salt Lake Tribune invited Utah Assistant State Superintendent Dr. Judy Park and me to a filmed interview concerning the increasing number of Utah parents who are opting their children out of the Common Core aligned SAGE testing.  Here is the link if you want to watch the half hour at “Trib Talk.”

(I will return to this post to update it soon.  There is so much more that needed to be explained about the psychometrics that are apparent when you read the AIR (test writer) contract with Utah; about the data collection SLDS machine that is fed by student participation in SAGE and other digital testing/learning; about the need to defend teaching time and teacher professional judgment which are harmed by this testing; about the national opt out movement that is growing in strength and numbers across the nation.  I also want to transcribe some of the questions and answers, word for word, later.)

6 responses to “Salt Lake Tribune Hosts Video Interview: Judy Park v. Christel Swasey on Common Core Aligned SAGE Tests

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  1. Christal, You are my hero. The only reason the percentages of opting out students are low is because most parents don’t even know they can opt out or are being told they cannot opt out. This conversation has only one side speaking the truth and it is “Christal” clear.

  2. Great job, Christel, as always. I’m so glad I homeschool, but if my kids were in the system, I’d opt them out of these ridiculous tests in a heartbeat. I just hope more parents in Utah, and across the nation, wake up and take a stand.

  3. Christal, As an fellow educator I want to say “THANK YOU!” I am from Ohio and in our district the teachers are swallowing the bait (money) from the federal government. Here is how I see it. The teachers who are all for this are only in it for the raises they will get because we now have more money thanks to Bill and company. Sadly, many teachers are in education for the money and summer off. If they stand up against common core they might lose their pay raise. Also, the common core testing is going to show that education is a mess. (Because students are not going to do well on the test because the material is very difficult) So, in comes the federal goverment and Bill and company to save education. They can’t save it until they show that it needs saving, and that is exactly what will take place. Once the federal government is in control, they can make us teach,(up to 85% of what they say) whatever they want taught. If this happens, parents will have to go to Washington if they have a complaint about what’s be taught at their local school. I started teaching 34 years ago and we had local control of our district. In a short 34 years, local lost it to the state, and now the states have lost the control to the federal government. Tell me one thing the federal government runs that is efficient, and we want them to run our schools. Wake up American parents!
    P.S. Wait until you see the common core standards for health and sex education.

  4. I just started this at Petition2Congress. It is very easy to sign, copies are automatically sent to President Obama, and your own senators and your representatives. Please take the time to read and the petition entitled: STOP COMMON CORE TESTING. Thank you.

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