Breaking News:  The HSLDA has just released its Common Core documentary movie on its website.

It is free to watch and can be viewed in full here:  http://commoncoremovie.com/

–Or here:

Please watch and share!




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  2. This is wonderful! Very well done. I pray that all who see it will share it. We must end Common Core for the children’s sake!!

    Marilyn Schultheis
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  4. I am a mother of a public school child and an educator in public school. I have been vocal in both school districts against common core and was becoming discouraged. After viewing this video, I cried not only for my child and the children I service but for all children in America! This renewed my passion to continue vocally opposing Common Core.

    Andrea Laviolette
  5. I have been researching Common Core long enough to know that, as wonderful as this film is in educating citizens about the urgent need to end Common Core, there is multitudes of additional reasons why we need to end Common Core. For time constraints, what could be shown had to be limited. I hope that this documentary inspires its viewers to get involved and do even more research into the pros and cons of Common Core. It won’t take long to go through the pros — there really aren’t any. It will take days, even months, to go through all of the cons. In addition, you will discover the big money that is being made by the publishing companies of the Common Core educational resources and other investors including the Gates Foundation, itself.

  6. Wow! Great job… already sent it off to a number of thinking individuals and an up and coming film maker. I am the mother of two home-schooled students who are victorious in their academic pursuits. 🙂 One is finishing college, the second is finishing high school. Both are accelerated students who can think their way out of paper bags. Thanks for your diligence in providing us with this necessary information. Cheers!

  7. The very fact that the parents were not involved should cancel the whole project. When are we going to learn that control of school education is the exclusive responsibility of the taxpayer and student’s parents. We must protect the minds of young students from false doctrine and loss of loyalty to the great nation which we are.

  8. Public Schools are not in the business of educating children to think. They are in the business of educating children to be complaint adults. The Federal Government has no business in Education. Kick them out of your school districts.

  9. What’s up i am kavin, its my first time to commenting anyplace, when i read
    this post i thought i could also create comment due to this good post.

  10. I am just beginning my research on Common Core and I am very concerned. Just as a side note: does anyone else see the irony of Bill Gates so heavily involved in standardizing our children’s education? I get it that he is brilliant and a billionaire, but didn’t he drop out of college to ‘march to his own drum’?

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  13. This film does a good job explaining the academic side of CCSS. There is another side as well, the commercial side. Common Core is a marketing platform designed to tap into a guaranteed income stream – public tax revenue. Numerous testing and curriculum products that can be marketed nationally are the purpose and the students then become revenue sources.

    The claim that “achievement” can be defined by bubble-test scores is such a dangerous and often repeated lie. Students in rich private schools get much much more. They get authentic, well-rounded curriculum. They get discovery, critical thinking, and an environment that values self-sufficiency, ethics, social intelligence, and collaboration. Don’t all students deserve that? Should we allow government to monetize children for the benefit of special interests?

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