Gates is Funding U.S. Department of Education Directly   3 comments

Here’s a must-read.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is accepting the “philanthopy” of Bill Gates, putting our nation and its children directly in Gates’ deep pocket.

Not okay.  Wake up, America.   Our rights and voice are being buried under truckload after truckload of government-embraced corporate “philanthopy.”

And thank you, Mercedes Schneider. (I want to point out that Ms. Schneider, the author of this research, is a teacher.)

Read her research on the subject here:

Gates Is Funding U.S. Department of Education Conferences and “Innovations”.

3 responses to “Gates is Funding U.S. Department of Education Directly

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  3. “All of this Gates-funded USDOE-labor management collaboration is for our welfare, career teachers.”

    And your big labor union is going along with it all. I hope she is not still paying them dues. I haven’t seen many teachers question why the NEA did an about-face on Common Core – as if they aren’t getting paid along with everyone else.

    Gates directly funded the Tennessee State Board of Education, along with Achieve Inc. for years while both Gov. Bredesen and current Gov. Haslam were on the board going back to Diploma Project days. Plus former Senator Bill Frist’s front company TNSCORE. Our education commissioner is on the board of PARCC along with the deputy commissioner of curriculum being the “K-12 lead” for PARCC. Tennessee is so bought and paid for, we don’t even need the Gates federal icing on top.

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