Massachusetts Dad to Department of Education: My Child Will Not Be Your Guinea Pig   5 comments

 Video update here:

mass mike watson
Protesting Common Core and PARCC testing during Arne Duncan’s visit to Worcester today:  Mike Watson and son

“We met a lot of great folks at the protest but I spent most of my time with my favorite little activist! It was fitting this little man in the Spider Man hat was with us, as Common Core, PARCC and the policies of Arne Duncan and Mitchell Chester will directly impact his education and his future along with the rest of his generation….unless we stop them!

As a parent who cares deeply about my children (and others across my state and our country) I have a message for Arne, Mitchell Chester, Bill Gates, the big testing and data collection companies and my elected representatives on Beacon Hill who either support Common Core and PARCC or who are not willing to speak out in an effort to tow the party line……

NOT MY KIDS!You will have to arrest me and drag me through the courts along with all the media attention that will bring before I allow you to force my children to take a field test for a private company in our public schools! Our children our NOT your guinea pigs or state property to be used to test your experimental education reforms!Massachusetts is currently leading the country in education standards and positive student outcomes with our standards that were in place before Common Core. Standards that were publicly vetted, involved local educators and decision makers and have now been proven to produce positive outcomes.

Why throw all of that hard work and progress away for yet another untested education reform experiment? The little boy holding the sign in the picture will have to pay the price if your experiment fails as will children across the great state of Massachusetts. I refuse to let you throw away a generation of children without a fight and the army of parents, educators and citizens from across our state and our country have my back!

Mike Watson


Yes, Mr. Watson.  The rest of us have your back. 
For more on today’s Massachusetts protest at Arne Duncan’s town hall:
Video update here:

5 responses to “Massachusetts Dad to Department of Education: My Child Will Not Be Your Guinea Pig

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  1. Someone just sent me the link to the post on your page. Thank you for posting it and for having my back! You ladies are great and have done such great work for this important cause. You are an inspiration to the rest of us who did not have CC and the associated testing on our radar! Thanks again!


    Mike Watson
    Mass Parents Opt Out of PARCC Pilot Testing

    PS: Thanks as well to all the other moms, dads, family members, educators, elected officials and citizens across the country fighting this fight!

    • Mike, thank YOU for being a face for so many fathers who are saying “Amen” to what you are saying. It’s good to let Arne Duncan know that both fathers and mothers are aware of what he’s doing and we are not going to allow it. Thank you for standing up not only for your son, but for the rest of the children whose parents may still not even understand what’s happened.

  2. Great Job Mike! We appreciate your help and your energy in fighting this in your state.
    Keep up the good work.

    Debbie Higginbotham
  3. Nice work Mike! Keep it up! We’re cheering you down here in NC too!

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