Save the Date: Feb 18th @ Salt Lake Capitol at 6:30 p.m.   7 comments

capitol with alyson

Last July, the last time Utahns got together at the State Capitol to discuss Common Core with legislators listening, there was standing room only. Television stations and newspaper reporters were there.   So many people wanted to stand and speak that hundreds and hundreds were turned away due to time running out.

Capitol common core meeting

This time it will be a bit different, and better.  This time, along with listening, some Utah legislators will be speaking out about the problems of the Common Core Initiative.  We hope to fill the capitol —not only to standing-room-only– but to overflowing: past the doors and into the parking lots.

capitol roof

This time –February 18th, 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.,  the speaker lineup includes State Senator Margaret Dayton, Representative Dana Layton, radio host Rod Arquette, Representative Brian Greene, Left-Right Alliance Spokeswoman Autumn Cook, and others that I can’t yet announce (yet to be confirmed).  Please save the date and come.  Show by your presence that you are awake and aware, that you claim authority over your own children’s learning and testing and data privacy — and that you are not going away.   Let’s give the local media something of importance to take pictures of, to write about; please, come if you can.



Capitol alisa common core meetingMom Alisa Ellis speaks with Rep. Curt Oda about Common Core (at the 2013 State Capitol event)

7 responses to “Save the Date: Feb 18th @ Salt Lake Capitol at 6:30 p.m.

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  2. I’m just wondering how I can make it there from New Jersey!! You go, Utah. This past Monday, a hearing was held in the Trenton, NJ state house’s, Education Committee. It was by invitation ONLY! I was exasperated by the fact that I found out about it the night before and didn’t get to make the trip. Carolee Adams & Barbara Eames were there to represent our side. They did an outstanding job and my hopes are high. Hope springs eternal. Our new bill numbers for 2014 are S253 and A990. Praying for them to pass through committee quickly. I feel that the tides are turning, do you??

    • Janilen, we would love to have you her on the 18th! I hope the tides are turning.

      • Thanks for your reply. In New Jersey, the Rs and the Ds have decided to make this a political football. Governor Christie remains in favor of the initiative. While our State Senator is a Democrat and sponsored our bills. I am a Christian conservative and I don’t care what party you’re aligned with. The Common Core State Standards are not about you, they’re about OUR children and grandchildren and OUR tax dollars. Hey, NJ, please lurge your state senators and assemblymen to co-sponsor bills S253 and A990. God bless and be with you!

  3. If I understand, I believe the Federal government gives money to the states that have implemented Common Core. I think Utah should embrace the pioneer mantra to “do more with less”, and pull out of Common Core entirely, if that is even possible. States’ rights are being systematically “blackmailed” away by the Federal government. Don’t sell our children’s future for the mess of pottage that is Common Core. We need to stand up and stop it!

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