Video: Arkansas Mother Karen Lamoreaux Interviewed on Glenn Beck Show   2 comments

Click here to watch the t.v. interview with Arkansas mother Karen Lamoreaux on the Glenn Beck show.

Click here (or below) to view Karen Lamoreaux’s smashing testimony to her state school board.

On her t.v. interview, Lamoreaux noted that most state school boards are appointed, not elected and that of the twenty two states that are fighting back against Common Core, all are legislative fights; none are state school boards who have seen the light.

Teachers across the country are contacting her, saying, “Please fight this for us,” because teachers who are currently teaching in government schools are told by their leaders (state school board and down) that they may not speak against Common Core. So teachers rely on parents to stop the Common Core train wreck.

Lamoreaux also said:

“The standards are not the issue; it’s the baggage that comes with it.”

“It is not state-led. It is state implemented.”

2 responses to “Video: Arkansas Mother Karen Lamoreaux Interviewed on Glenn Beck Show

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  1. I felt like I was sitting right beside her. I truly wish I was!!! Great job, Karen!
  2. A similar battle we are facing in the upcoming Utah legislative session is the push of some very influential folks for a constitutional convention. To me (and listening to this interview sparked the idea) that which links a constitutional convention with Common Core is the weakening of state sovereignty. A huge degree of damage was done in 1913 with the passing of the 17th Amendment! Think about it!

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