Lively Radio Debates: Colorado Grassroots Radio Hosts Dr. Terrence Moore, Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Anthony Cody, Michael Brickman, Jane Robbins, Laura Boggs   2 comments

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This week “Grassroots Radio Colorado” hosted two lively, informative Common Core debates. The podcasts are available by clicking here.

Hour one features History Professor Terrence Moore of Hillsdale College (opposed to Common Core) versus former school board member Laura Boggs (pro Common Core).

Highlights from hour one:

At minute 10:45 Laura Moore gives a 7-minute pro-Common Core intro. She explains why she thinks that it is good to have national education standards, comparing educational standards to car wheels. She speaks about the “states coming together” as if they did so.

She says that she is opposed to the federal government having much say in education, which really confuses me. I don’t comprehend how she can sit on that fence, but she apparently believes that Colorado’s Common Core was created largely by Colorado teachers, rather than the CCSSO and NGA. This, even though the CCSSO/NGA declares, right on the copyright page, that it is the sole developer of the standards, and even though the CCSSO declares, on its official website, that it is partnered with the federal Department of Education.


At minute 17:50 Dr. Terrence Moore gives a 7-minute anti-Common Core intro.

He talks about the reduction of literary texts, and discusses the lexile framework of the Common Core creators that makes huge errors, such as placing Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath” on a 3rd grade reading level; he discusses the Appendix B recommendations of Common Core that crowds out classics and religious writers and Ben Franklin, with the Common Core’s preference for modern authors and informational text.

Here’s a great moment: at minute 36:00 the question is asked: “Are Common Core standards actually field tested?”

Laura Boggs says that they are “absolutely tested.” (She does not say where or how or by whom they were supposedly tested.)

Dr. Terrence Moore answers the same question: he says that the Common Core standards were absolutely not field tested.

At minute 42:00 Dr. Terrence Moore explains why we should reject Common Core outright. He also mentions learning more about this in his book, “Storykillers.”

He asks when the last time was, that we heard Secretary Arne Duncan or a school board member quote Shakespeare. He makes the point that one of the biggest problems we have in education is that “the people who are in charge do not love education.”


Anthony Cody teacher

Hour two features California teacher Anthony Cody (opposed to Common Core) versus Fordham Institute member Michael Brickman (pro Common Core).

Hour two also includes Common Core validation committee member Dr. Sandra Stotsky and The American Principles Project’s Jane Robbins.


2 responses to “Lively Radio Debates: Colorado Grassroots Radio Hosts Dr. Terrence Moore, Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Anthony Cody, Michael Brickman, Jane Robbins, Laura Boggs

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  1. Thanks for posting this podcast! I listened and it seemed like Mr. Brickman is confused. He said, “Teachers like Common Core.” Really? That’s not what I hear. I would love for teachers to really tell him how they feel about common core-without fear of losing their jobs. Perhaps we need an independent survey.
    Brickman’s employer (Fordham Institute) took nearly $1million from Bill Gates to review the Common Core standards…Not exactly an unbiased opinion.

    I would also like to say that Ms. Boggs pointed out that schools and districts can choose not to do Common Core. Yes, they can resolve not to follow these standards, but they are required to take the associated assessments. In Colorado, that means the PARCC tests. Since funding is tied to how well you do on these expensive, high-stakes tests, (questions which have not been made public), I wonder how well schools that DON’T teach to the test will perform. As it is now, schools absolutely study and practice for the TCAP tests-so I see no reason to think we won’t need to study Common Core curriculum for PARCC. And yes, Common Core standards are aligned to curriculum. It is in the wording in Race to the Top applications: If you accept Common Core money, the curriculum and tests must align to Common Core Standards. Bill Gates also said it plainly, “When the tests are aligned to the common standards, the curriculum will line up as well.” See his speech here:
    Thank you again for posting this really great debate and keep posted for more debates and Common Core discussion from Colorado. We are pushing back!

  2. Your link just takes me to the website – which has quite a few podcasts listed. Can you tell me the date of this one or reset the link to take the user directly to the correct one? Thanks for your work and for sharing it!

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