Video: Arkansas Mom Flattens Common Core   8 comments

In four minutes, Arkansas mother Karen Lamoreaux flattens Common Core at this state school board meeting.

Must see.

8 responses to “Video: Arkansas Mom Flattens Common Core

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  1. That is how so many feel and good for her for showing emotion and coherence at the same time. I am in louisiana and trying to sound the alarm in my private schools where my superintendent wants to use common core because we are money hungry for voucher money. I am sick over it. All i get are talking points. help would be great!

  2. I am also fighting this insulting program.
    Communist Core is NOT about Education…it is about Control!
    Once Communist Core is embedded into the foundations of American Education, the States, School boards, Parents, and Children will not have any Control of what is taught in American Schools. Once they have Control of Education, the Socialists and Educrats in Washington D.C. will morph education into what THEY think YOUR children SHOULD learn…Socialism. Communism.

    If Common Core Lives, Freedom Dies.

  3. God Bless you Karen. I wish I were there to follow you up. Too bad the school boards are so ill-informed and afraid to use the power that they do have. Would love to connect with you and tell you about our success in getting our legislation sponsored in New Jersey. I know we’re moving the ball, we can’t stop now. Much luck in your crusade! Jan Lenox, North WIldwood, NJ
  4. Why anyone still has a child in a government school is beyond my capacity to understand.

  5. The example of the CC standards unnecessarily complicating the problem of 90/18=5 was an excellent way to demonstrate the ridiculous nature of CC. That is very effective in showing the legislators what a horrible decision they made to support this. This needs to be done repeatedly. SHOW them what a mess it is — use detailed examples. Thank you, Karen, for what you are doing.

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    Excellent! Pass it on!

  7. This video needs to be sent to Alabama Senator (R)Del-Marsh

  8. I am a public school teacher in southern Mississippi. Common Core is COMMANDED in our district! It’s ridiculous! How in the world do they expect children from the poverty stricken bible belt to compete with the upper class schools in Manhattan and NY City! (just giving examples)

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