Common Core Movie: Building the Machine (trailer)   13 comments

Here is the trailer for the upcoming Common Core documentary movie, Building the Machine.

To find out more, visit Common Core Issues at the Home School Legal Defense Association.

13 responses to “Common Core Movie: Building the Machine (trailer)

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    Jack Markell, Mark Murphy, Rodel, Hefferman, Sokola, Sweeney, Jenner, Jacques…..

    No cakewalk this legislative session. Nope. Nope. Nope.

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  3. So glad this film has been made. I had no idea a documentary was in the works.

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  5. Can’t wait for this to be released! Then, if people will only watch it.

  6. Can’t wait for this movie! Can’t come soon enough!

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  8. I went back to watch the video trailer today and was surprised to find it had been removed. It is a powerful trailer and I have been sharing this with friends and family. I have had many people respond to me with a desire to see this so when I noticed it had been removed, I became concerned. I have sent an email HSLDA inquiring on this development. There might be a legitimate reason but I am skeptical.

  9. Same here. It says it’s been removed by the user? I posted it on facebook as a link; I’ve been trying to educate people about the CC for months and was excited to see a documentary!!!! Hopefully it’s back up soon.

  10. It’s back. I don’t know why it was gone for a day or two.

  11. Common Core is of a piece with Obamacare takeover of healthcare, Dodd-Frank takeover of banking and finance, EPA/Energy Dept/ and other FedGov agencies to override property rights –it is a takeover of children for indoctrination purposes. This is how the Regime intends to control the population for the benefit of the State. Everyone suffers except the Rulers.

  12. Thanks for creating this. I’m sharing it everywhere I can. When the movie comes out I’ll put a link on UnitedToBeFree. If you are concerned about the govt takeover of education, please take action through the Convention Of States Movement, Tenther Movement, and others – links are on UnitedToBeFree.

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