Video: Arkansas Teen Scholar Against Common Core   6 comments

My jaw is on the ground.

Not only is teen Patrick Richardson’s powerpoint presentation excellent, but as a kid –free of the parental panic that is quite paralyzing to many adults– he finds humor in the horror story of the takeover of U.S. education!

For example, at minute 16:48 Patrick says:

“How will student data be collected? This is another funny topic when you start asking people who are supposed to know the answers, because they swear up and down that they aren’t collecting this data, they never will, they never have. They tell you no. Bottom line is, they’re sort of being bypassed too.

Then he goes on to show exactly how it’s happening.


Patrick Richardson is the 2013 version of the boy in “The Emperor’s New Clothes” who dares say out loud, that the darn emperor is stark naked. And he’s right.

At the Arkansas Against Common Core site, you will find this video, and an introduction to the remarkable Patrick Richardson. The site explains:

“Grace Lewis, founder and organizer of Arkansas Against Common Core, did not know the power she would unleash when she asked a technologically savvy local youth to help her create a website for Arkansas Against Common Core. Patrick Richardson, a then 15 year old youth with high personal standards and a vast interest in technology, answered that request when he presented Mrs. Lewis with an organized, well researched, fact based website… shocked and elated, Mrs. Lewis asked Richardson if he would also like to speak at the upcoming House and Senate Joint Education Committee Interim Study on Common Core. He was up to the challenge and showed up at the hearing with a presentation that completely amazed everyone including the Joint Education Committee and the State Department of Education. No one was prepared for Patrick’s well researched power point presentation on the money trail behind Common Core. He left many with dropped jaws and stunned faces.”

Read the rest.

6 responses to “Video: Arkansas Teen Scholar Against Common Core

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  1. Fabulous analysis of Common Core! Well researched and complete. Everyone should see this

  2. Hi. Can you please check out this organization. Perhaps they are a worthy alternative to the Common Core curriculum. Its always better to offer and alternative. Quoted from another e-mail query:

    “I did ask about the Common Core Curriculum and we are not a part of that. We are members of ISACS, Independent Schools Association of the Central States, and we are accredited by them. This is their website if you’re interested in knowing more about what that looks like:”

      Loren C. Divers Windward Projects Ltd. 1531 Thurston Ave. Honolulu, HI  96822 Tel: (808) 532-2299 Cel: (808) 389-5101

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  5. An amazing presentation that was posted on Facebook. The young man has a good future ahead of him with that kind of analytical ability and ease of presentation. I hope his parents can guide him in ways to either work the system to his advantage or get around it in some way. I do think with the way things are going, without guidance the establishment will run him over unfortunately. They do not like independent thinkers running around loose.

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