Parents Launch Executive Order to Stop Common Core and to Stop Student Data Mining   30 comments

This week, a group of Florida parents, supported by parents and educators nationwide, released an executive order, demanding an end to Common Core and the parentally unauthorized student data mining that’s taking place in every state.

As parents, we claim the privilege of directing our childrens’ educations, free from SLDS (state longitudinal database tracking systems), free from Common Core-aligned testing, standards, or “model” curriculum; free from private trade group EIMAC/CCSSO data collection, free from federal micromanagement, free from federal “accountability”; free from the both student and teacher data mining and tracking that is offensive to individual liberty and to Constitutional, local control.

As parents and teachers, we claim the privilege outlined in the Declaration of Independence that government is by consent of the governed. We, the governed, have not been asked nor have we approved these unvetted standards and systems. Therefore, any governance of children or school staff under the Common Core agenda is simply invalid.

Why: The promises of the promoters of the Common Core Standards do not add up. The evidence is overwhelming, and increases daily, that the Common Core agenda damages where it claims to serve; yet those who push back against the Common Core agenda are disrespected by school boards and in hearings around the nation. This is outrageous. We are the children’s parents; children are not the government’s human capital” despite what the Department of Education repeatedly claims.

Along with the executive order, parents have issued a longer, referenced document that explains the reasoning behind the executive order. This document is entitled “Welcome to the Common Core Fuzzy Math: Common Core Equals Conditions Plus Coercion Plus Conflict of Interest.”

Suzette Executive Order CC

Please pass this message along.

Here is a partial list of all the parent-educator groups working to fight the federal-and-corporate partnered machine of Common Core.

■Colorado: Mesa County Citizins/Businesses Against Common Core Curriculum & Colorado Parents Against Common Core
■Florida (Central):
■Louisiana: and
■New Hampshire:;;
■New Hampshire:;
■New Mexico:
■New Jersey:
■New Jersey:
■New Jersey:
■New York:
■New York (State Island specifically):
■New York (Long Island specifically):
■North Carolina:
■North Dakota:
■ Ohio:
■Rhode Island:
■Rhode Island:
■South Carolina:
■South Dakota:
■South Dakota:
■Washington State Group:
■Washington State Page:
■West Virginia:
■Special Education Group:

30 responses to “Parents Launch Executive Order to Stop Common Core and to Stop Student Data Mining

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  1. Are there any groups in Mass?

  2. Contact Pioneer Institute. They’re located in Boston and have published many white papers on the subject.

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  4. Hi Monica … good to know you’re still out there keeping up with this. I have not stopped trying to combat this, but hit a bit of a wall I felt like, but we cannot give up on this!  Heidi was working on legal action as well with the woman from the commonwealth education foundation. This just gets worse every day. !!!!!!

    We must keep the pressure on these folks The hardest part is getting through to our neighbors and fellow parents … they just don’t want to hear it and if they do listen, they don’t want to believe it. We are in very troubled times, as you know.

    Continue to pray.

    Keep in touch with any developments you might have or anythign you are hearing. Fran

  5. The Fox News radio station in Orlando (540 AM, 104.5 FM) is broadcasting a PRO-Common Core ad, quoting Pro-CC “celebrities” JEB Bush and Mike Huckabee as authorities on how good CC is. According to the ad, there’s no Federal involvement at all; It’s all completely run by each of the individual states and for the grand benefit of students.

  6. Yes I agree

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  8. I have posted this on Watchdog Wire – Florida.

  9. Stop Common Core.

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  11. Thanks for keeping helping to keep us informed about CC.

  12. The Executive Order Parents & Teachers Launched needs to go out to every legislature on a Education committee in every state. Those pushing CC count on parents being overwhelmed, but what they didn’t consider was angry voting grandparents. Huckabee was educated on his show, CC isn’t what it started out as. I never thought I’d say this but Either he wakes up or he is dead to me, just like Jeb Bush. DON”T YOU MESS WITH OUR KIDS, NO Compromise, Stop their CONTROL for once & for all, No Common Core. Defund PARCC, place a worm in their apple.

    Carol Witherington
    • Tahnk you Caol for your boldness and your strength! I am inspired and I am learning how to take back our schools as we speak. I agree don’t mess with our kids! I need help sending a letter and what is the next step after that.

  13. They really need to take out that ‘developmentally appropriate’ garbage off that flyer. That’s a fad, and it’s in CC.

    • Gee, as an early childhood educator there is nothing FADISH about developmentally appropriate curriculum. We know what young children can and cannot process due to brain development and maturity. That definitely needs to be in their because THAT is what good educational curriculum and method are based on. And it’s NOT in CC$$. We don’t ask 3 month olds to hold a spoon for a reason. Nor do we introduce abstract concepts before they are ready…they do in CC.

  14. Is there anyone that can get ahold of them to tell them to take the apostrophes off of “parents’ & educators'”? There’s no need for the apostrophes and I would like for us to look as educated as possible.

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  17. 1.If the possessive noun is singular, always add an apostrophe + s.
    2.If the possessive noun does not end in -s (in its written form), always add an apostrophe + s.
    3.If the possessive noun is plural and ends in -s (and this is a characteristic feature of the large majority of plural nouns), just add an apostrophe.

    So If we decide that each noun is both plural and possessive then the flyer is properly written.

  18. North Carolina as another page. I write over there as well:

  19. Is there a link for Massachusetts?

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  23. Can anyone tell me what group issued this order, and what part of Florida they are from? Thank you!

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    Parents Launch Executive Order to Stop Common Core and to Stop Student Data Mining

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  26. The roots of Common Core stem from the United Nations initiative Agenda 21. It is a global effort to build a progressive environmental value system in today’s children and in future generations where individualism is frowned upon for the ‘greater good’ of society. It is an attempt to create a ‘global classroom’ where national citizenry is suppressed and global citizenry is promoted.

    It’s a smoke screen folks. The rich and powerful know this. Did you know that Obama sent his kids to the private Sidwell Friends School in Bethesda, MD? Sidwell does not employ the Common Core method of indoctrination. Think about this carefully. The president and his wife promote Common Core for the masses, but it is not deemed satisfactory for their kids. It’s not good for yours either!

    The Common Core name has rightfully earned a bad connotation since its introduction therefore it has been given other names to mask its presence. Here in Maryland it is called ‘Maryland’s College and Career-Ready Standards’. What is it called in your state? Look it up here:

    You owe it to your kids to research this matter and do something about it folks. The info is available on the Web, but you will have to make the effort; if it matters to you. Learn more here:
    and here:
    and here:
    and here:
    and here:

    The philosophy in the school room in one generation will become the philosophy of government in the next. — Abraham Lincoln

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