Common Core Down: Crossing the Line   16 comments

Common Core Down: Crossing the Line
An Open Letter to Parent Advocates for Local Control

Guest Post –by someone who wishes to remain anonymous

The Common Core is going down.

It is going down one way or another. It will happen sooner in some places and later in others. In large part it is going to go down as a result of your efforts and the efforts of countless and nameless others like you. It will go down in spite of the efforts of the likes of Boeing, Microsoft, Exxon, Gates, the federal government and the rest of the human capital/workforce pipeline driven corporate entities, within and without our country (read that as global corporations). They have been messing with the education of students in our country for decades now. They have gone too far this time. They have crossed the line.

bird mom

Let me tell you about that line. If you are a birder or someone who enjoys nature you may have experience with this. On a number of occasions I have been out in the wild and spotted nests in trees and cliff aeries of owls, falcons, and hawks when there have been young ones in the nest. It usually was the cries of the young ones in the nest that attracted my attention. The momma bird has a protective eagle eye (pun intended). I have approached and found the line. The line was never visible. I knew I found the line when I stepped too close and the momma bird took flight and started to attack me. One step back and momma bird, while still on guard, would cease her attack. That is how you know where the line is—-when momma starts to attack out of a maternal instinct to protect her offspring.

This line occurs elsewhere in nature and not just with birds of prey. You do not want to get between a momma bear and her cub or between a cow moose and her calf (I have watched the nostrils flare and the ears lay back on a cow moose). If you do, you are in danger. And I never want to get so far across the line with a bird of prey or any other living creature that I can’t rapidly, within one step, retreat across the unseen line.

Well, they, with the CCSS and related issues, have crossed the line. As a result the CCSS is in serious danger. The CCSS and related issues have been placed smack between parents and their children and as a result are or will be seen as an imminent threat. And parents, in particular, moms, are on the attack as maternal instincts kick in to protect their offspring from accurately perceived physical, emotional, and/or intellectual harm.

The common core could and should go down for any number of reasons—federal overreach, constitutional issues, content, cost, privacy… but it really is going to go down because it has crossed the invisible line that will invoke the protective parental nature. That is what will bring it down. All of you have been instrumental in helping, and must continue to help, parents see where that line is.

I have been tracking issues related to CCSS since spring of 2009. It was a rare article that could be found at that time about it and it was usually one glowing with what we now see as the standard boiler plate blather. As time progressed it was a busy day if there were three to five articles about the CCSS. Of course, they were all positive about the CCSS or promoting the CCSS. That continued for some time. At some point a rare article would appear that was negative towards the CCSS. Over time that grew—-now I see what appears to be as many anti=CCSS articles as pro-CCSS. Even after filtering out many articles, it is common to see 10 to 30+ new articles a day. A significant portion of those articles is about the push back against the CCSS or they are anti-CCSS. With the increase in articles it is hard to find the time to read them all. It is easy to see that the CCSS is in trouble. The CCSS is not just in trouble it is in serious trouble. At this point only a small portion of parents have realized the line has been crossed. More will realize it soon enough.

Don’t let up. Keep the pressure on and help others learn to see the line and what it means to them and the future of their children. Keep up the good work!


Thank you, anonymous friend, for this guest post.

16 responses to “Common Core Down: Crossing the Line

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  1. amen!

    rebecca platt-harendza
  2. Awesome post! Thanks, anonymous. Very well said.

  3. YES!!! From one momma bear to another….except now I’m a grandma bear…and that doubles my intensity!!

  4. I love your info and website…

    I have a very hard time reading white on the blue background. Any chance you might change the background color:)

    • Thank you…I agree totally.I hesitated saying this because this is such a wonderful site,& i am truly grateful for it. Blue or black on white background would be excellent. God bless you all.

  5. I only lost my cool three times in my child rearing years and they were all related to (unfair) mistreatment of my children. I was not a “helicopter Mom” and felt it was important for my children to fight their own battles, but when adults were falsely accusing or taking advantage of them, I turned into, as my oldest son aptly named me,”The Hulk”. This “cross the line” analogy is perfect and true. Common Core will implode on itself if given time, because it is an evil entity, but why wait for difficult to reverse damage to be done to our precious children? We, as parents, know what is best for our children, not the state or federal government. Warning to those who defend Common Core…you’ve stepped over the line.

  6. Oh Yeah Baby…..CCSS is goin down!! If we don’t repeal it we will take our kids out of school. Starve the beast.

  7. I agree – this will be a colossal failure. And someday everyone will look back and say how awful it was and what a disaster. Just as we already see NCLB, Unfortunately, I have a first grader and I do not have years to wait for this to turn around.

  8. Spot on observations. I would just add I think many momma bears were not fully awakened until this past year when many school districts (and sadly our archdiocese) began implementing CCSS. Only then did they realize the damage being done to their “cubs”. As more of our surrounding school districts begin the implementation of CCSS this year, I can ony imagine the backlash will grow. At least that is what I hope and pray-until we take down CCSS completely and get back to local control.

  9. MJ this is the other great website for info on what states are finding out about CC. This makes me want to go home and run for the school board in our county!

    Sent from my iPad

  10. No, ya’ll are crossing the line. I like common core. It has been in use two years now in my child’s school. Did you ever stop to think that you (homeschoolers, yet to boot!) are the ones trying to mess with MY child’s public education? I, and plenty of other parents like it. I am absolutely amazed at what my kid is learning, and what I see the others in his class are learning. They are thriving! Did you ever stop to think that you are the ones interfering? Please stop messing with what has been a very good thing.

  11. YES, YES, YES! We have a God given right to know what is best for our own children…..we also have a right to fight for them. And I’m ready to fight hard! No matter how you look at it, Common Core is taking freedoms away from The People. Even if you like the curriculum….freedom is still being pulled from the parents and the teachers and put into the hands of Washington. Any freedom-loving American has to realize this. I use to dwell on the “fuzzy math” and the replacement of classical literature with “informational text” as the main problem. Not anymore. Preserving freedom and liberty is at the heart if this debate and it is becoming increasingly clear that the motives driving CC on is NOT the improvement of education for our nations children….I am finding that it’s more and more about money, power, and control.

  12. My daughter, I can see a different she is very smart she knows how to add by them breaking apart the adding structure over and over she is forgeting some of the addition she knows I can see her slowing it makes me mad because I know she knows it but I see her confidence dwindling I am one not to go to congress and make a fuss but, I will not let my daughter get stupid on account on what they put in their schools I put too much time and energy getting her were she is, the only reason she is in public schools is so she can make friends and interact with other kids —-I have her play jumpstart and I have flash cards I work with her on the weekends and few minutes after school her reading even has slowed words she knows she has lost with these standards so I as a parent will work with her and make sure she doesn’t lose any more knowledge. I am appalled that it bypassed congress and went straight to schools and are taking our say out of schools. They want a fight they will get a fight my child will make it and will learn their system because I can’t pull her out they are enforcing it on the ACT and SAT only way to combat is to make them learn more and we will have to save the history books because they will try to get rid of history they are already not teaching alot of things that are very important. Reminder History repeats itself and sometimes even when we have learned history we miss it.

  13. I was actually told by my daughter’s teacher last year that “Parents need to take a step back”…meaning step back from being involved. I waited for the principal to correct this since we were in a conference with her, but she didn’t. My kids are now in virtual public school where I have some control.

  14. Just understand you are proposing that the Elitist in the world are not allowed to track their cattle not though CCSS or Obummercare and they do not like your thinking. They truly believe you are their property and have every right to plan for the world and all this is in or on it including you and yours. There are less of them and more of us so it will end but not without a fight. We must understand they expect the fight and want the fight to turn ugly since it gives them all the more reason to sell the Safety they have been selling for decades derailing liberty and independence all the while. Either way slave or cattle you will be tracked and evaluated for worth that once expended your value disappears and so will you.

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