Video: Vacaville, CA Hosts Pro and Con Common Core Forum   3 comments

A few weeks ago, Vacaville, California hosted a pro- and con- Common Core Forum.

Speakers include Bill Evers, of Hoover Institute, Stanford University; Wendy Hart, of Alpine School Board, Alpine, Utah; Daly Gordon Koch, 4th grade teacher; Jeannette LaFors, former teacher and education analyst.

Pro Common Core:

Daly Jordan Koch, California Teachers Association teachers union
Jeannette LaFors, Education West-West
Con Common Core:

Bill Evers, Research Fellow, Hoover Institution
Wendy Hart, parent, Highland, Utah

Opening statements begin at minute 11:30, followed by a round table discussion, questions and responses among panelists; and questions and answers with audience members.

3 responses to “Video: Vacaville, CA Hosts Pro and Con Common Core Forum

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  1. I have spoken at our local school board meeting to protest Common Core. I have also written a letter in the local newspaper. Do I have permission to use some of your material for further letters to the editor? I have a daughter who teaches first grade and she is very distraught about the lack of creativity she is allowed to use in her classroom. She explained that if there is not a standard for anything it cannot be mentioned. She feels useless and depressed. She is an excellent teacher; taught Reading Recovery for seven years before teaching first grade. She complains that she cannot teach the way she needs to in order for the children to learn to read. She told me that if the school gave her a roomfull of children and left her alone, they would all read by the end of the year. This she cannot do because there is no standard for that. She states that there should be only one standard for first grade: Teach the children to read.

  2. You can use anything you want from this blog. Have your daughter write a guest post for me to share if she is willing, with or without her name.

  3. I am very upset with common core math. I as a parent do not understand how it is good and i like the old way the California state teaches math. What a big mess. I also am upset at teachers because they have remained too silent. They need to speak out more but they do not.

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