Florida Mother of Six Fights “The Machine” of Jeb Bush and Bill Gates, FLA Legislature   5 comments

“All these groups want accountability from our children but I demand accountability from them – Debbie Higginbotham, Florida mother

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By Debbie Higginbotham

In every state across this great nation, parents, grandparents, and great Americans are speaking out loudly against Common Core and the Race to The Top Agreement (RTTT). And they should!

Each state has their grassroots groups and coalitions marching to their state capitols demanding answers on why their children have been sold to the Federal Government.

When I started this personal crusade to save my children’s educational freedoms about a year ago, I had no idea what I was going to encounter. I am just a mom who is enjoying raising six beautiful children with no political aspirations nor experience in debating these political cronies.

Every state has their mountains to climb when fighting CC and ridding their state of these horrible standards and mandates all enclosed with the RTTT. Here in Florida most of our battles are the same, but we are fighting a white elephant in the room as well. That white elephant is Jeb Bush and his foundations and other groups he has “founded” that are promoting “higher standards”.

Many refer to Jeb Bush and his cronies as “The Machine”.

When originally talking with school board members and legislators– and being told that Common Core was here to stay and there was nothing I could do about it, I knew something was not right with this whole thing.

Some legislators were giving me the smile and wink –and I thought I was making progress.

It was pleasing to know, at the time, that my elected officials were taking my complaints to heart because this was going to affect their children as well.

I quickly started doing more research and that old saying of “follow the money trail” came to light so true and it wasn’t just looking into Bill Gates anymore, but looking into Jeb Bush and his involvement with Gates and his continuing efforts to alter Florida’s education system for his own political gain and a bid for the White House.

Those winks and nods were just that, empty promises.

The more I was learning, it soon disgusted me. How can a man with no elected accountability from voters have such an influence on my children’s education?

Everywhere I turned I was hitting the same roadblocks and that was “The Machine”. It wasn’t only Jeb Bush but I came to find out through more digging that Jeb Bush has pretty much bought and paid for almost all of the Republican legislators in office right now, including Governor Rick Scott. Even Lobbyists have a loyalty to him.

Jim Horne is the prominent one.

Back in August, Rick Scott called for an education summit to make it look like he was making an effort of hearing all sides of the education issues. He never showed up at the summit he’d called for, but then decided to further his political career and make decisions about Florida’s children over a bottle of an alcoholic beverage and dinner
on a Thursday evening with “The Machine” and its allies, Chair of the State Board of Education Gary Chartrand, and Republican Rep John Thrasher.

Most recently, Governor Rick Scott issued an Executive Order to withdraw from PARCC and resign from being the lead state. http://www.fldoe.org/news/2013/2013_09_23-2.asp?style=print

He also stated he would hold three district hearings to give parents and experts opportunities to voice their concerns on specific standards within Common Core. Great move on the Governor’s part, but the response from all of us was that this is just smoke and mirrors. Scott was only trying to pacify us, the parents, while still keeping “The Machine” happy.

When will this man stand on his own two feet? Even more disturbing is in the last few days our Education Commissioner, Pam Stewart, has come out and said that even though the hearings will be held, it will not change any outcome continuing with the implementation of Common Core.

REALLY! That just goes to prove it is all smoke and mirrors.

Everywhere we turn this white elephant shows up uninvited! There are little worker bees “The Machine” spreads throughout the state to try and shut us down. They make it their life each day to seek out moms like me and try to prove that we are misinformed about Common Core and how Florida needs higher standards and accountability from our children and teachers.

ACCOUNTABILITY!? Who is holding “The Machine” accountable?

Who is holding the NGA and CCSSO accountable? Let’s not forget ACHIEVE!

All these groups want accountability from our children but I demand accountability from them and what they believe to be best for my children. They have nothing better to do than come after moms and dads like me and call us misinformed! Only my husband and I, the true authorities, know what is best for our children.

“The Machine” has even promoted radio ads to be played boasting the standards on how they will give our children higher learning. The group “Conservatives For Higher Standards” was also involved with making and promoting the ad. We know those two have close ties to each other. The ad also touts making getting into college a fair playing field, no rote memorization, helping kids learn more, and states can opt in or our of the standards along with the lie that there are no DC mandates.

We are working on a counter ad to make sure our voices are right with theirs, and we are not backing down.

We are going to call their lies out.


debbie higginbotham

Debbie Higginbotham is a mighty but tiny, very adorable, very-pregnant-with-her-seventh-child, mother and fredom fighter, who currently homeschools all but her oldest child.

She can be reached via Florida Parents Against Common Core. (www.flparentsagainstcommoncore.com)

Thank you, Debbie.

5 responses to “Florida Mother of Six Fights “The Machine” of Jeb Bush and Bill Gates, FLA Legislature

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  1. Cut them no slack. Scott is a dog and he needs to be put out of office. No matter what he promises once elected again he will turn on you. He will just put a new shade of lipstick on the pig but the pig will be the same pig with a new color. Parents MUST let their legislators know some heads are going to roll all over the US over Common Core. Look at all the attempts to shut people up with promises of getting out of PARCC but not one Governor has actually stepped up and repealed Common Core. They could do it with the stroke of a pen. Heads need to roll and they you need to make your list….let them know they are on the list and then go after them. No matter what they do heads must roll. They cannot mess with our kids. They cannot take control of education. Then go after the School Board. Get new members and let them know parents WILL have a voice at the table or they will be thrown out of as soon as possible. REPEAL CHARTER SCHOOLS. They are meant to replace your public schools and elected school boards. You pay for them with public funds which means increased taxes or taking money from the regular public schools and giving it to the Charter school. THEY ARE NOT WHAT YOU ARE BEING TOLD. WHY did Obama make part of the RTTT application increasing Charter Schools? Because he loves your kids or he wants to offer parents choice. Not a prayer of that being his motive. Why didn’t he push home schooling or private schools too. No it was Charters and there is a reason. When your schools start failing after the assessments begin they will be converted to Charters slowly and deliberately doing away with school boards. Then what do you do? Who will you complain to then? You better wake the heck up. This fight goes much deeper than Common Core.

  2. God bless you and your children! You go, girl!!!

  3. Debbie, I thank you (and those who make it possible for you to do what you do) for spreading the word on Common Core and RTTT. Many parents in Clay County still have no idea what Common Core is and assume whatever decisions are made, are made with their child’s best interest in mind. Your article should be posted everywhere to raise awareness. Dr. Megan Koschnick, a child development expert has a video I saw on Pinterest regarding the brain of K-3 and how CC is going to cause stress, tears, etc. And contrary to what I’ve been told by school administration, CC is not based on research. Thanks again!

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