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Fast forward to minute 9 where Professor Nick Tampio of Fordham University speaks, in this video segment from HuffPost Live entitled “Race to the FLOP”:

“I moved into my school district because it has small classes, very well educated teachers… Each year they put out a pamphlet showing where the graduates go to school… 95 out of 100 are going to good schools, some are going to the very best in the country.

Our school district was not broken.

In 2012 we got this incredible, radical shift across the curricula… I just got my son’s homework last night. It’s a MacMillan McGraw Hill which I just learned is a subsidiary of Pearson. And it’s just this incredibly rote –I just think it’s way beneath– where a lot of children are. And what’s very frustrating to me is that I can’t have a meaningful discussion with my son’s teacher or the principal or the superintendent because it’s not our call anymore.

I have this letter from 2010 signed by David Patterson saying we’re committed to Race to the Top. There was no public debate beforehand. There was no legislative debate. Now, as a parent, I’m voiceless in my school district.

I just think that’s outrageous.”

Hear more from Professor Nick Tampio about Common Core on this radio interview from Pacifica News:

7 responses to “Video: Professor Nick Tampio Speaks on Outrages of Common Core – HuffPostLive

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  1. I feel the same way!! I am a school board director and every time I bring up Common Core I get shut down and everyone is quiet!! It’s like they don’t want to hear anything about Common Core… and won’t listen
    to anything about it!!!! I feel so aggravated!!

  2. Whiteboard Advisors just released a report showing that Washington insiders don’t think that the CCSS will survive. Here is my favorite quote: ““I think there will be a concerted effort to attack CCSS by any and all means—because of budgets, because of concern from the right and the left, and because the original implementation, in retrospect, was rushed. It is a little like a tree in the tropics—it grew high, but has no root system.” Keep pulling: the tree will fall. And then we can focus on making our schools better in practice.

  3. I agree – I wrote a note to my daughter’s teacher with a question about her homework (3rd grade/two digit addition). My question: Why is this called “trading”, do you teach “carrying”? She wrote back to me “We call it trading now”. Not to get hung up on minutiae and semantics but she did not answer me WHY the change in terminology, I assume it’s because she does not know why. It was not her directive. There is no one with whom I can discuss this or any other questions I may have about the math curriculum, which I am very concerned about. I don’t want to come down on teachers, and writing her notes and picking apart the homework is futile. I am sure this teacher was a very good teacher before, now she is essentially a chaperone in a room passing out the CCSS test-prep worksheets.

    • I heard that children are gonna be taught different ways in doing math; for example; 5plus 4 plus 3 equals 11!! D as long as they can explain how they got that answer they will get the problem right!! They could say ” I don’t know! They could say anything! And still get it right! How can any teacher that has been taught that the answer is 12 give that child a ” yes that’s right”? I would feel so guilty!!!

  4. The Common Core can make people mean to each other. As you point out, your daughter’s teacher didn’t have anything to do with the adoption of the Common Core. A politician told an administrator who told her what to do.

    But we still need to tell people that the CC is a sham. People are starting to recognize that the emperor is naked.

  5. I’m not going to be mean to her. I know it’s not her doing. I wish she was teaching her own lessons. I wish my daughter had her three years ago before this was rolled out. I wish my daughter was learning “real” math. I requested that my daughter bring the textbook home for one night so I could see it and I am reading it tonight. It’s Macmillan McGraw Hill Math Connections. I don’t like these math methods but at least if I know what it is I can better help her understand it. All I care about is that she learn how to properly do math and that this year of her life is not a total waste of her time on test prep and estimation tricks.

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