Chicago Democrat Activist High School Teacher: Common Core a Massive Fraud   13 comments

Paul Horton is a Democrat, a political activist, and a Chicago high school history teacher who stands up against Common Core. He writes:

“I will vote for a Republican for governor who will get rid of Common Core and PARCC, if the Democrats can not produce a candidate who will. Thousands of Democratic voting teachers and parents are willing to the the same.”

Here’s Paul Horton’s most recent open letter, to Illinois Senator Kwame Raoul.

State Senator Kwame Raoul

Suite 4000 Chicago, Illinois; 60654

August 6,2013

Dear Senator Raoul,

We know from every measure that the Wilmette-Winnetka, Niles, Hinsdale, and Naperville schools are excellent. They are the highest achieving public schools in the state of Illinois. Their average SAT and ACT scores and the percentage of students enrolled in AP classes, not to mention exemplary performance on AP tests, makes these districts respected by competitive colleges all over the
country. Indeed, there is a national competition for graduates of these districts.

Why do we need another measure that we cannot afford? Why are we going to pay Pearson Education millions of dollars for products that will force many exemplary schools to lower their standards?

You will see what a massive fraud the Common Core Curriculum is when these schools are forced to lower their standards to teach Common Core and then their achievement will be denigrated by invalid measures designed to make all public schools look bad. When the New York public schools were required to take Pearson Education developed tests this spring, dozens of exemplary schools
and districts that have similar profiles to the Illinois public schools mentioned above, received substantially lowered school ratings. The same thing happened in Kentucky last year: scores went down in the best schools, and scores reflected preexisting conditions in underserved schools and communities.

Shame on the public officials of this country for turning their backs on the Northwest Ordinance, a document that precedes the Constitution in American history and law! The Ordinance made an historic commitment to public education. Federal and state governments have turned their backs on public schools because of their dependence on Wall Street funding for political
campaigns. How can we allow this to happen?

If Bill Daley is the Democratic nominee for governor and he plans to support the current state school board, I will vote for the Republican candidate if the nominee will do something about Superintendent Koch, Common Core, and the PARCC assessments. Superintendent Koch received paid trips from Pearson Education and the state then hired Pearson to develop its Common Core standardized tests.

I am a life long Democrat whose family has proud connections to the Civil Rights movement in the South. This administration and its operatives like Mayor Emanuel, have all but abandoned the country’s historic commitment to public education. When will an element within the Democratic party of Illinois stand up for common sense in Education?

Senator Raoul, you have stood very bravely in defense of teacher pensions. Can you stand up for the teachers and parents of Illinois, and buck Mayor Emanuel, Secretary Duncan, and the Democrats for Education Reform who seem more interested in attracting Wall Street money to Democratic campaigns in exchange for support of school privatization? Alderman Burns (the President’s local political protégé) will not do so for obvious reasons. I hope that you will consider a run against the plutocrats who currently control the Democratic Party in Illinois.

The citizens of Woodlawn where I live are sickened by what is happening to their neighborhood schools. An insurgent candidate for governor could gain the support of disaffected Democrats of many stripes.

All the best,

Paul Horton

History teacher, 1365 E 64th, #1; Chicago, Illinois, 60637; 773-241-9085

13 responses to “Chicago Democrat Activist High School Teacher: Common Core a Massive Fraud

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  1. We are working in our community here in Florida to educate the public about the common core
    education. This must be stopped. We are also informing the public about the 7/50 regional plan that takes
    away a persons personal property right.
    These plans are big governments over reach into our lives. .It will amount to their control over each of us
    on every breath you take every move you make. We are holding information seminar and would like you to be part of it.
    Please contact me if you would like information or would like to be part of this seminar.

    Gloria –
    American coalition for Property Rights.

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  3. WOW! That ought to get some attention 😉

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  5. What about Jeb Bush in Florida? He’s Republican and is pushing the privatization of public schools by charters, Common Core, and high stakes standardized testing along with pay for performance evaluations for teachers. Let’s not forget who started this ball rolling; GW Bush. Obama and thug, Secretary of Ed. Duncan, just upped the stakes with Race to the Top. Voting Republican won’t solve this; they’re in bed together on this. It’s the new TRILLION dollar marketplace. I’m was a Dem too but voting for Independents now. Sending clear message to both parties; I’m not taking it any more! REFUSE THE STATE TEST. NO DATA; NO PRIVATIZATION OF ‘PUBLIC’ SCHOOLS, NO CLOSING OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS, NO PAY FOR PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONS FOR TEACHERS. Take back the schools by NOT participating in the testing and voting against Repubs and Dems.

  6. Institutionalizing education is an easy way to micromanage an institution that was not set up to be controlled by one. Tests were first given so that teachers could see the level and knowledge base their students had in order to plan for good instruction in the future. It is not a good measure of ones abilities and we all know it. However it is a way to track and categorize not only the student but the teacher, the principal, the school, the school district ect. for easier control and oversight. Anyone is a fool who doesn’t believe that lobbyists from corporate America don’t have a hand in Common Core and that is just the tip of the iceberg. As a teacher I will ignore this so called revolution to American Education and continue to teach my students what they need to know in order to stay competitive in todays world despite the revolution going on outside my doors. For any seasoned teacher will know that in ten years when the students once again can not make 100% for No Child Left Behind yet another test and curriculum will be developed and implemented. When will they learn that every child is unique and can only be taught to their greatest potential by teachers who realize the true meaning of testing. It is not to categorize a student into some artificially acceptable mean but to guide the teacher to plan and prepare the next lesson on an individual basis with outlying factors of home life, socialization and feeling of self worth that no test can measure in a true perspective. How have we fallen so far from the path of excellence in education? We have forgotten that we are all teachers not just the ones in the classroom with educational degrees, but the parents/guardians who raise the child, neighbors, community members, friends and other family members too. So there it is in a nut shell! You can show me your scientific data Pearson and I am sure I can show you the next chum that will take your place in ten years. Until then don’t worry about what you can’t change and only change what you can. I can change the lives of my students and encourage them to be life long learners with compassion and good character. I will let the outside world go on with it’s statistics and data that can be disputed by any human that has a little knowledge in statistics. After all lets take a look at the educated Enron executives. Good gracious we could sit here all night! No Common Core and that is that! It solves nothing.

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  9. I’m not sure where to post this question. Does anyone have information regarding Utah’s Prosperity 2020 initiative and whether or not it aligns with Common Core? Thanks…….please forward info to my e-mail…

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  11. Kimberly, Prosperity 2020 is absolutely dependent on Common Core’s testing and data collection, which gives the public-private partnership a top-down ability to track and control Utahns with the P-20 system and the state’s longitudinal database. Prosperity 2020 sent out a letter to all Utah legislators and many other entitites last year, asking them to endorse Common Core. The centralization of control that Prosperity 2020 is about, requires control of K-12 citizens and the work force. Unelected businesspeople will be making decisions that affect schools and children without voter input. It’s public-private partnership, and it’s a dangerous can of worms.

  12. Fascist is the word for it. Look up the term–my meaning is exact.

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