Video: Ending Compulsory Education   6 comments

This five-minute video is worth our time. Oak Norton explains why ending compulsory education benefits us all. It makes so much sense that I am left wondering why we didn’t do this, long ago.

6 responses to “Video: Ending Compulsory Education

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  1. Sounds like we have our Plan B folks.

  2. Excellent video! He hit the nail on the head. Thank you Oak Norton.

  3. I’m conflicted- Compulsory education has been on my mind and I agree that it fundamentally takes away the rights of parents but, I also live in a city- in a “bad” part of our city and I see evidence all around of children who would be, like Pilgrims Progress puts it, “poverty and ignorance”- these children are barely above that with public school. W/o compulsory education they’d be the very picture of it as their parents aren’t doing their job now, let alone taking on the responsibility to encourage education. I homeschool my kids. A number of the parents around here have said they’d like to do the same as they see (and have lived through) the bad environment of the public school BUT, I’m not sure they’d do it when it came down to it and often the public school provides a break away from the, sometimes, bad environment of their homes. I’m conflicted.

    • Parenting IS THE KEY to a child’s success. BUT it is impossible to think we can over come bad parenting with compulsory education or money. We surely haven’t been able to accomplish this so far. So what makes anyone think new standards, Charter Schools, Voucher, School Choice and all the bandaids we put in place to overcome bad parenting is the answer. It is not. There is only ONE answer. That is for parents rich and poor to take responsibility for their own children. For the parents that chose not to parent their children will be the victims of the parents selfishness. But it is time we realize nothing will replace a supportive, wholesome family. The only way to fix that is to take these children away from bad parents and give them to good parents and I personally refuse to go there. We also need to shut down the federal Department of Education. This group does nothing for education except make their campaign cronies in the education field very wealthy with new programs every 8-10 years. LETS GET SERIOUS and pull together a national effort to end the US Dept. of Education. EVERY candidate we vet for the 2014 election MUST agree to do this. Then we hold them accountable.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I feel that it’s the responsiblity of neighbors, churches and philanthropies to create opportunities for families who are extremely poor, not a compulsory government. Thomas Jefferson’s quote in this video applies. “It is better to tolerate the rare instance of a parent refusing to let his child be educated, than to shock the common feelings and ideas by the forcible asportation and education of the infant against the will of the father.” -Thomas Jefferson: Note to Elementary School Act, 1817, ME 17:423

  4. I’m glad finally a legislator wants to end compulsory education. Compulsory education is bad on so many levels but for sake of time I’m only going to name a few. It takes away your right to free will, takes away your time, indoctrinates you to be a mindless laborer, and exposes you to bullies. Plus the kids who don’t want to learn disrupt the classroom.

    We SHOULDN’T have that kind of system people! Education should be optional no matter what the age! Hope full people such as me and Senator Osmond can make this a reality for not only Utah but the whole country.

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