You are invited: Alisa, Renee and I are presenting tomorrow at Salt Lake City’s Grand America Hotel   3 comments

Tomorrow at 2:00 at Salt Lake City’s Grand America Hotel ballroom, Alisa, Renee and I will be making a presentation about Common Core, courtesty of Freedom Works and Glenn Beck’s Man in the Moon Event.

Hope to see you there.

3 responses to “You are invited: Alisa, Renee and I are presenting tomorrow at Salt Lake City’s Grand America Hotel

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  1. So happy they are having you all speak. Hoping it is recorded. We need to ramp this up to a national level. The Dept. Of Education must end. Our relationship with UNESCO must end. If all we do is stop Common Core we have done nothing more than put a diversion in their plan. Glenn can help us with this effort.

  2. Alisa, Christel and Renee, What a blessing all three of you are. You have worked tirelessly helping so many people not only in your area, surrounding counties within Utah but those who are on the other side of across this great country of ours. I know because all three of your took the time to talk to two complete strangers one Friday evening with funny accents (LOL New Yawk) via video conference. It was through your education and acute awareness that we became truly awoken by what a beast Common Core is. You gave me the courage to go forward and continue on my journey of learning. The fear and angst I had for several weeks one day was turned inside out to enlightenment and empowerment. I remember during our conference at one point it was said that fear that only a mother could feel internally will give you the strength to stay the course and make you want to share this new founded empowerment not only with your friends but those you do not know…. To Alisa, Christel and Renee that is what YOU ALL do on a NATIONAL LEVELE! You EMPOWER ALL PARENTS NATIONWIDE!! Good luck!! You are ALL going to be wonderful!! I cannot wait to watch it..

    Cheers & blessings,

    Yvonne & Glen

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