Russian Student to USA: Keep Fighting Common Core   8 comments

I wanted to share a letter that a professor at Fordham University received from a former student from Russia. The letter is addressed to everyone who opposes the Common Core.

I believe you are fighting a very noble fight against the Common Core curriculum. I am telling you this as a product of a centrally-controlled education system myself. Soviet Union was notorious for this and the new Russia hasn’t changed that.

I never liked my school. To be honest, I hated it with all my heart and sometimes still have nightmares where I see myself having to return to school.

I always thought it was a senseless, cold system that I just had to get through, survive. I was frustrated all the time because instead of following my interests, tapping on my talents, I was concerned about carefully watching the requirements and trying very hard to fit in.

Questioning the requirements was not productive because you couldn’t change them anyway. I questioned and doubted them all the time and therefore suffered. I saw teachers as senseless machines whose only goal is to make sure you memorize what’s in their centrally approved textbooks.

There was no room and no time for creating, thinking, dreaming, exploring. My school years felt like a constant run in front of a moving train that, if I were to pause, try to look around, turn, would hit me: I would get a bad grade and jeopardize my chances to get into college, upset my parents, ruin my life. I was a good, hardworking student yet school was one of the most stressful experiences in my life.

Part of the problem with common curriculum is that at one point teachers become so concerned about following the standards (that naturally become more and more demanding with time) that they forget about kids. Their work is then not to educate kids but to make sure the requirements are fulfilled. The profession stops being rewarding and attractive to those who love kids and teaching, and attracts those who are comfortable inside a command and control structure.

America is obviously far from getting where Soviet Union/Russia is, but I am convinced it is because of people like you.

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  1. Thank you Christel for sharing this letter. I have posted it on our FB group page: Stop Common Core in New York State and am hoping some of the members will follow suit to comment here.

    Upon reading this letter it brought tears to my heart because of the anguish and frustration this Russian student speaks of and the experience of his school memories not being fond as they should be but full off grief, fear and stress. I can’t help but think if we do not continue upon this mission our children will have the same memories and our country will be forever gone and will only be a shell of what the United States once was… Some days are good and some are bad but I take heart in knowing there are people like you, Renee and Alisa who have lit the fire for those us and igniting a storm in our respective states. By sharing a letter like this one it not only helps this mission but affirms to me that this is the right thing to do for ALL children. My husband Glen was raised in Europe was educated in this same exact model and knows it well and understands what is at stake here. I hear him talk about his school days and how at 14 you needed to pick the field that you wanted to study for the remainder of your school career and that is where you stayed until you graduated. If you dare changed, you would have no other option but to go back several grades.. If you made that choice (to change directions) it was very hard to do so as the lessons that were taught varied between them. The two options were: You would have to either make up those classes on your own or go back a few grades….

    What do you know at 14 yrs. old let alone a 10 or 11 yr. old in fifth grade!! Common Core is stealing our children’s innocence of children BEING children! It is OUR responsibility and obligation as parents to PUT AN END TO Common Core and restore education to a local level not from Washington DC where they do not know or understand the ability of each individual child!! I don’t see how ANY parent would think having a “common education” is ok. Children are NOT common and should be taught according to their abilities and talents. No two snowflakes are alike and no two children are either….. Yvonne Gasperino (Stop Common Core in New York State)

  2. Thank you for sharing the letter. yvonne , thank you for your comments as well. I have been slacking off this summer in truing to fight common core. These comments are helping me to renew my motivation to re-join the fight.

  3. Its very informative letter that makes me  think twice…

  4. well,I don’t have to think twice,I watched as my 8 yr old little boy changed before my eyes,due to being frustrated and overwhelmed at school,at first I could not figure out what was wrong with my son…why he HATED school so much,to the point where he tried to run out the front door one morning as I went to drop him off..the more I researched the more I wanted to SCREAM from the highest rooftop about COMMON CORE and in its short time poking its ugly face into our schools,the DAMAGE it was causing…like a fire moving FAST AND FURIOUS…my poor baby…he had just about enough…and ONLY in a few months time dealing with these FAKE standards…I quickly removed him from his public school with only 1 month left to the school year as the principal of his school (which only goes from grade 3 -5) told me that I should take my son to a psychiatric ward…in front of my son and administrators…I responded by yelling ” MY SON DOES NOT NEED A PSYCHIATRIC WARD,MY SON NEEDS AGE APPROPRIATE SCHOOL WORK…she responds by telling me that once my son is in the building,he is fine,so he CAN handle the work..WOW…nothing like pushing the parent out of the equation…HE IS MY SON,AND I KNOW DAMN WELL WHAT HE NEEDS son has a learning disability and was forced to swallow these mixed up,confusing,dumbing down STANDARDS…not anymore he is now home schooled and his twin sister,will follow in September until we rid our schools of this EVIL agenda!!!!!

  5. Everyday I thank God for bringing this information to the forefront. We’ve been fighting in Southern New Jersey since March. I just wish we had been on the crusade earlier. Thanks to Glenn Beck and sites likes this, we’ve been able to move forward faster. This brave student brakes this grandparents heart. No children, no matter the age should go through their school years feeling like this student.

  6. Wow- I finally got over here to read this article. The title caught my attention because what we all know but, everyone else isn’t even thinking of, is that CC is Russian school happening in the States. Of course that’s scary as hell (well almost 😉 ) and I can’t imagine anyone wanting that but, here we are on that road . . . thanks again for all the research put into this blog to keep us informed!

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