MSNBC Video: Emmett McGroarty on Common Core and Local Control   1 comment

Emmett McGroarty: “This is a mom-led movement, really… If you dig down deep enough, there’s a bedrock principle that almost all Americans can agree upon… that includes the idea that parents should have a say in what children learn.”

MSNBC: “Should the federal government have zero role?”

“Here’s the problem… They never answer the question: ‘Accountability to whom?’ You can’t have accountability running to the federal government and running to parents and local officials….

…I am against the federal government having a role[in education].”

I agree!


One response to “MSNBC Video: Emmett McGroarty on Common Core and Local Control

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  1. The federal government should have NOTHING to do with education, with the state having a limited role. We especially need to get the colleges of education OUT of our local schools as well, because they are very one-sidedly liberal in their philosophy, using the public schools to get more and more funding for themselves. Their inbred philosophy (constructivism) has a negative effect, thus leading to the “need” for ever more and more “training” of teachers and new programs, ever learning and never coming to a knowledge of the truth.

    Eliminate the control and influence of the federal government, the colleges of education, creating only limited control from the states, and finally dividing our gigantic school districts into community sized districts would make education cheaper and accomplish a better end result with happier patrons.

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