Gass on Oklahoma Radio: The Fascinating Rise and Fall of Massachusetts’ Ed Standards   2 comments

On a radio station in Oklahoma this week, radio host (and former math teacher) Pat Campbell interviewed Jamie Gass, of the Center for School Reform at the Boston-based think tank, Pioneer Institute.

They covered the sad tale of Massachusetts, which in the 1990s had risen to become the leading state in education for the entire country, and which fell because of Common Core, throwing legitimate academic success away for a chance at the Race to the Top federal grant money– a gamble which coerced the state into dropping the high, independent standards for the very mediocre Common Core.

In the interview, Jamie Gass explained that Common Core is a fulfillment of Marc Tucker’s vision for socialist education, long ago outlined in his famous “Dear Hillary” letter to Hillary Clinton.

Gass now calls states like Texas “the smart ones” for holding on to state-level control of educational standards and rejecting Common Core. He mentions that Jimmy Carter and Lyndon Johnson signed laws long ago making sure that the federal government would stay out of local education. These are being bypassed by various means to implement the Common Core.

He also discussed the astronomical estimates of what Common Core will cost states to implement, and spoke about the low quality of the standards themselves.

The interviewer, Pat, commented that on the Common Core website, calculus is not even there. “Why would we want this?” he asked.

Gass gave as resources to listeners the following:, which has a toolbox with all the research the think tank has done, and the American Principles Project site, too, which has done a lot of work to study and expose the facts about Common Core.

Listen to the whole archived radio show here:

2 responses to “Gass on Oklahoma Radio: The Fascinating Rise and Fall of Massachusetts’ Ed Standards

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  1. So why doesn’t MA just go back to the very standards they were using before they sold out their children. Then the rest of the states should go to MA and pick up a copy for their state.

  2. I’m glad this was done. Slowly but surely as new elected officials come into office and see what has been put before them, they realize CC is not the American Way! Example is the Lt. Gov from NC and his video with his concerns about what CC will do to their state and their children. We can debate standards all day and have a good fight but we must always include the database that will be used by all states and housed by InBloom, who has said they can not 100% protect the information that will be gathered. Lets bring up the fact that CC is illegal and unconstitutional. Right now states need to win back their control from the federal government and put the parents and local school boards in charge of their children’s education!

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