Nice to see our neighbors to the North are talking about Common Core.  Here are two recent radio programs about Common Core from the Idaho Reporter.

Additional news –nationwide– all about the Common Core controversy:

Ed Week: New Attack on Common Core From Pennsylvania Democrats

Ed Week (Pioneer cited): Common-Core Pushback to the Pushback: Who Has the Political Mojo?

“Opponents of the common core are smelling blood in the water and are trying various methods to diversify their portfolio of attacks. On May 2, several anti-common-core groups and individuals held a “Twitter rally” to #stopcommoncore, and afterwards provided an analysis of anti-common-core tweets from the rally. The stats, provided to me by Jamie Gass of Pioneer Institute, showed that the rally produced 14,970 uses of the #stopcommoncore hashtag during the rally, which reached a peak at about 9 p.m. The analysis claimed that it had a “spread” of nearly 9.8 million Twitter accounts, referencing the number of accounts that “follow” those who tweeted or re-tweeted the hashtag.”

WaPo/AFT Prez/Natl Tests: Why we need a moratorium on the high stakes of testing

Heritage: Union Leader — Put Stakes Associated with Common Core Tests on Hold

PA: Lawmakers hear case for Common Core school standards–Opponents to curriculum bombard reps with letters and emails,0,4871015.story

PA: Common Core — Differences get aired at the Capitol

MI: Debate on Common Core Held in Brighton

GA state senator: Educational Accountability Should Be Local, Not Federal

GA: Is Common Core all it’s cracked up to be?

Stanford’s James Milgram, the only mathematician on the Common Core Validation Committee, refused to sign off on common core math standards, arguing they leave students two grade levels behind their international counterparts in math by grade 8.”

MO: Common Core opponents form group to educate public

KS: Kansas Common Core critics voice concerns

KS: Kansas Common Core Critics To Voice Concerns

KS TV: Common Core Initiative Frustrates Parents And Educators

ID: Idaho group forms in opposition to state implementation of Common Core standards

ID: Motives behind Common Core Standards dubious

CA: CCSS — 21st century skills and shifts

“The new common core standards for English Language Arts differ from the previous way of instructing because they’re shifting toward new 21st century skills…teaching solely literature-based material is out…The new Common Core State Standards are moving away from traditional direct instruction models and expecting teachers to transition to more student-centered models. Instead of being the sage on the stage, teachers will become more of the guide on the side…”






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