Does Freedom of Religion Have Anything to do with Common Core?   3 comments

A student from Colorado wrote today, asking this question.  Does Common Core infringe on freedom of religion?
I’m not a lawyer, but I am a thinker, and this is what I think:
All freedoms depend on the most fundamental freedom, freedom of religion.
The freedom to educate according to the dictates of local (parental and teacher) conscience is –without question– sorely infringed by Common Core.
So, if freedom of conscience is related to freedom of religion, which I feel it is, then Common Core is guilty of bashing both.
Evidence of the harm done by the Common Core Initiative to individual freedom of conscience is found in many things, including:
1.  the alteration of parental consent to private student data being accessed (see E.P.I.C lawsuit against Dept. of Education to understand this better);
2. the fact that Common Core is under copyright by unelected organizations;
3. the fact that Common Core standards are under federal control, and cannot be added to by more than 15% and that the federal government also mandates doing federal “reviews” of  tests and collected data.
4. Common Core tests, too, cannot be seen by parents or teachers (at least not in Utah.)
5.  The testing groups are building model curriculum which they will sell.  No local voice in that.
6.  Bill Gates and Pearson have partnered to build curriculum to align with Common Core, and both Gates and Sir Michael Barber (Pearson CEA) are socialists who have openly admitted they want to see America politically transformed to be more like England or other less-free countries, where there is top-down control.  They have a near monopoly on all American textbooks today, through Common Core alignment.
7. There is no amendment process — no way at all to give a local voice to local conscience, concerning the common core system.
Being angry is not very productive.  What we really need are active people who are working, writing op-eds, making videos, doing social media, speaking to legislatures and to school boards and holding virtual or actual rallies and presentations to raise public awareness.  Activists are sorely, sorely needed to overpower the propaganda machine that Bill Gates and Obama have built to “support” common core.
For more understanding of the fundamental role of freedom of religion to freedom of education, read what Imprimis Magazine of Hillsdale College has to say.

3 responses to “Does Freedom of Religion Have Anything to do with Common Core?

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  1. Understand what you are seeing in education is Agenda 21. Sustainable Development is all that matters to them. The Earth Charter is their bible. It is the religion of Mother Nature “Gaia”. They won’t stop until they have educated a generation of children that believe in NOTHING but Mother Earth. Sick but true.

  2. We are building a Citizen Army here in Tennessee. We know that only WE THE PEOPLE CAN STOP Gates and this corrupt administration. And WE WILL STOP THEM.

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