The Nonsensical and ‘Lovey-Dovey’ National Governors’ Association   4 comments

Dear Christine Kearl,

It seems in the Governor’s best interest and in the best interest of Utahns for him to drop out of the National Governor’s Association (NGA).

This nonprofit, unelected group creates the illusion that Governors have a legitimate federal presence on a national stage, when Constitutionally, they do not. Our elected D.C. representatives are to govern national issues. Governors are to govern inside of states.

Texas Governor Perry does not feel that NGA membership is a smart use of taxpayer funds; Maine’s Governor LePage said,

“I get no value out of those meetings. They are too politically correct and everybody is lovey-dovey and no decisions are ever made.”

Please share this Heartland Institute article on the subject with the Governor as I can’t find a direct email address for him.

Utah’s Governor’s NGA membership is particularly problematic because the NGA/CCSSO 1) uses taxpayer dollars to pay Governors’ dues, 2) writes national educational standards behind closed doors, 3) allows no amendment process for those illegitimate national education standards, 4) allows for no voter representation, since the whole NGA governance setup is an unwanted step-sister to the American system of actual representation by proper channels; and 5) NGA is a federal contractor.

Please, let’s get out of this entangling alliance.

Christel Swasey

Heber, Utah

4 responses to “The Nonsensical and ‘Lovey-Dovey’ National Governors’ Association

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  1. this is the quasi governmental quagmire of public private partnerships and non profits blurring all the established lines to circumvent constitutional rights and laws. oh yes and we do pay for it a;;. this works on all levels, locally for example the membership in ICLEI and maybe The First Suburbs Group, tree commission, or any other mystery ( what do they do?) unelected leech group attaching to local county or state govt and collecting grants available to them by way of these connections. sold to the public under some weak pretense such as sustainable development, greening, streetscaping, aging in place, new lamposts, revitalization, local reform….. so the grant is received and huh, where did it go? fed water grants, state water grants, eco granta, enviro grants, sustainable grants, huh, where does the money go? all our tax money, fed local city county state…. also they are often matching grants which are TIF, which is not told to the public, well 5 years later as taxes have steadily been raised locally another tax hike comes and wattaya know, they are supposed to be to pay off the ” financing” of the TIF, so the grant money was recieved, and we still have to pay for it. TIF is a scam.. Benevolent seeming local politicians get accolades in complicit media for these terrific grants and monies garnered from the fed to spruce something up or add some upgraded pipes, well who’s checking on them? where’s the money?
    National governors association is exactly that. a boondoggle in colonial williamsburg with some meetings where the ” fascilitators” delphi the governors.
    you can watch it on c-span. saw it live last summer with Arne Duncan and Margaret Spelling and you can watch the scene on C-span .com. it was last july.

  2. Wasn’t that a great quote? Hah. More to come!

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