Grassroots All Over USA Joining to Assist in Calling For Indiana’s State Bill 1427   1 comment

Have you called your favorite Indiana legislator yet today? 

 317- 232-9600. 317-232-4567. 317-232-9677

Yes, I know we may not be from Indiana.  But what happens elsewhere, affects our local freedom. 

See what one Ohio resident wrote:

“I am from Ohio. My kids are grown, but I am active in opposing Common Core. God bless you in your fight to stall Common Core in Indiana.

This morning, I sent an e-mail to Indiana Speaker, Brian Bosma. The text was as follows:

“SB1427 must be called down for a vote!

The parents and residents in Indiana are fighting for time and the Indiana House of Representatives must allow this important bill to come to a full vote! You must hear the will of the people and parents of Indiana and you must call SB1427 for a vote!

SB1427 addresses Common Core Curriculum! The education of the children is too important to pass through any state without intelligent discussion and the involvement of the parents and residents.

I do not live in Indiana, but as a resident of Ohio, I am watching what happens in states across America. Common Core is just becoming known and there is growing and fierce opposition nation wide! I believe there is great cause for concern. Common Core has, quite frankly, been foisted upon the entire nation in secret. Please allow Indiana to be a stand-out state who upholds representative government!

Please bring SB1427 to the floor for a vote in the great state of Indiana!

God bless,
Kathy L Johnson
Ohio resident”

Call the Indiana Governor at (317)232-4567. Call the Indiana House 317-232-9600 . (Ask to speak to whoever you want, or to Speaker Brian Bosma.) Another number for Bosma: 317-232-9677

One response to “Grassroots All Over USA Joining to Assist in Calling For Indiana’s State Bill 1427

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  1. The grassroots seems to be taking hold Nationwide and I would like to personally thank Christel, Alisa and Renee. I reached out to them after being completely distressed not knowing where to turn. My husband and I have been blessed to be touched by such giving, beautiful, strong, caring, intuitive, steadfast and compassionate individuals. The compassion and time they extended to complete strangers on the other side on the country will always touch my heart. I am so honored to have them as friends now even if we’re on the opposite side of the country. They have inspired me to start my own grassroots movement here in NY. We started just about two weeks ago and have 1070 members and even launched a website within two days after our FB group page was started. I have dubbed the ladies the “Original Founding Members of the OPPOSE COMMON CORE Mission.

    Thank you ladies and God Bless..


    Those who are in New York State come and join us to empower yourself as a parent and pass on that awareness to others.. or Our FB Group page: “Stop Common Core in New York”

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