Pastor Speaks Out in Maryland: This Must Become Our Alamo   5 comments

Thank you, Pastor John of Maryland, for your words:

“We need more teachers to speak out.

As a Pastor I have joined the fight in Maryland to get the word out about Common Core. Today 6 of us spoke at a School Board meeting and were told by the Board President that they are going to put Common Core on the agenda for the next meeting so more time can be spent on it.

Pray for our efforts in Maryland.

Keep up the fight to expose U.S. Dept. of Ed’s agenda to control and indoctrinate our children with an amoral, progressive, globalist agenda at the expense of our liberties and our tax dollars.

This must be stopped. This must become our Alamo!”

— — — —

Note:  there is a group in Maryland called Marylanders Against Common Core.  Meet them here:

5 responses to “Pastor Speaks Out in Maryland: This Must Become Our Alamo

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  1. Of what church or community is Pastor John with? I wish he could spread his word and fears to other clergy here. Our Church down here is bound because they have accepted federal money. GRRRR!!!

    Debbie Higginbotham
    • Your church gets federal money?

      he is a sociopath
      • It is actually the Diocese that receives the federal money. So with that the schools are picking and choosing what they want to put in their schools. But eventually they will have to align 100% to keep the money.

        Debbie Higginbotham
  2. good for maryland!! i am in pa. and have been fighting this by calling state represntatives ..senators and writing letters to the editor in our newspaper…we have to take back our schools!!

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