It’s Happened: The Marriage of Pearson and Gates   11 comments

Pearson and Gates have joined forces. 

Why is a Pearson and Gates combination a nightmare for America, for anyone who cares about competitive free enterprise, constitutional rights regarding education, and local control?

First, a few facts:
1. Pearson, led by Sir Michael Barber, is the biggest education product sales company on earth.
2. Bill Gates is the second richest man on earth, a man who has almost single-handedly funded and marketed the entire Common Core movement.

Gates previously partnered with UNESCO to bring a master curriculum worldwide in his “Education For All” program.  Gates openly values extreme socialism and says that it’s much better than American constitutional government. Listen to Gates at minute 6:20 on this clip. Gates says, “We’ll only know this works when the curriculum and the tests are aligned to these standards.”

Pearson’s CEA is Sir Michael Barber, a man whose company colludes with governments worldwide in public-private-partnerships (soft fascism) and believes that children’s data should be gathered on a global scale. Barber pushes his version of “sustainable educational revolution,” worldwide, explaining that sustainable education reforms meanit can never go back to how it was.”  See his speeches on YouTube and his Twitter feeds.

These two mega forces for globalizing and standardizing education have now come together.

In a New York Times article on the partnership, Susan Neuman, a former Education Department official in the George W. Bush administration who is now a professor at the University of Michigan, was quoted:

This is something that’s been missing in all the policy statements on the common core: a sequential curriculum,” Dr. Neuman said. But she worries that Pearson has few rivals.

Pearson already dominates, and this could take it to the extreme,” she said. “This could be problematic for many of our kids. We could get a one size fits all.”


So when my state school board says that Common Core is just a set of minimum standards, not a curriculum, I will point them to this:  the biggest monopolizer of textbooks, technologies and teacher training–Pearson– has now partnered with one of the wealthiest foundations on earth to create a one size fits all curriculum.

Where will private schools and others go to buy books, who don’t want Common Core-aligned curriculum?  How will others stay in business with such huge competition?


11 responses to “It’s Happened: The Marriage of Pearson and Gates

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  1. We are now looking at the day that education became a monopoly. This is Fascism at it’s finest.

  2. You ask what they, the smaller schools with less money at their disposal, will do now. The same that we have been. I work at a school that can not afford the big curriculum packages that Pearson and similar companies offer. We don’t purchase or use them. I am for the new standards and will use them to raise the academic rigor in my classroom without the use of any particular curriculum, ad I have been able to do with the standards currently in place.

    • If they are writing the tests or (standards) and your not using their books, won’t your students not do as well on the tests and you will LOOK like a bad teacher, EVEN THOUGH YOUR NOT A BAD TEACHER? Unfortunately your pay is connected with how well your students do on the tests too! Teachers will need to teach what is on the tests so indirectly they will be choosing what the curriculum will be! Thanks!

      • I will answer that. I have worked at the same school for nine years and have consistently seen my students score higher than average (90% passage rate) without the use of any particular curriculum, by being familiar with the standards, and teaching them what they should know according to both my own knowledge, the standards, and what studies have shown students need to know in order to succeed. I feel confident that I will be able to do the same with the new common core standards.

        • Don’t you see the socialism here? Or are you OK with robotic teaching?

        • unfortunately you are not among the “all” in those that choose to educate. Additionally there are many teachers that do not have the time, energy, or interest to go beyond the box as it sounds like you have chosen to do. My fear is that the majority of classroom teachers will follow the regimen that is placed before them and teach what they are told for fear of losing their job or their pay increases without looking any further than that. I applaud your success but you must admit that you are certainly an exception not necessarily the norm. If your success was the norm none of these new standards would be put in place.

        • what school do you teach in Shana? parents will want to know how to find a school with freedom like yours to teach what you want.

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