Arizona State Superintendent Believes Common Core Provides Benefits   7 comments

Watch this Arizona State Superintendent’s interview about Common Core.  She loves it!

Notable highlights:   She calls Common Core “such a significant shift and focus in our educational system.”  Yes, it is.  But not for the better.

She admits the Common Core allows much less classic literature/stories and increases informational text in its place.  She does not address how this shift will affect students’ love for reading!

She does not talk about the horrors of the new math and the delays of the times at which children are taught to use algorithms that actually work. (Algorithm = how to quickly multiply, how to add or subtract or divide– used to be lower elementary, now it’s late elementary age)

She uses the term “internationally benchmarked” standards, as if she is unaware that that’s a flat-out lie.  (For example, the Asian Tiger countries –recognized math gurus– teach algebra years before Common Core does, at about eighth grade, which is what Utah USED TO DO, BEFORE COMMON CORE!  See Ze’ev Wurman’s and James Milgram’s math reviews.)

Arizona’s superintendent goes on:

@ 9:59 “But what’s critically important if we’re going to be effective are the additional wrap-around services that are provided…”  This means the wrap-around services that have nothing to do with school at all– mental health interventions, government food, rides to school, provision of health care, etc.  This brings to mind U.S. Secretary of Education Duncan’s vision of no-weekends off, no time off for summer; a totally school-centered life, the opposite of what most of us believe in– family centered life.
It’s socialism– where parents and their provision of service, love, learning and values, become irrelevant. Here’s more:
@ 10:40 “It becomes absolutely essential in our K-12 system that we have the additional support systems available for all students… that requires us to look at differentiated instruction… “Time on task:  How important will extended learning time be for some students?…And again, how committed are we to making sure that all of our students graduate ready for post-secondary? That will require some additional reforms in K12…”
“school is… starting to look and sound very different.  I encourage parents to stay the course… and learn to listen to diverse ways of thinking.”  Listen.  Why not have the school establishments listen to parents?  These are our children and our tax dollars yet we are being told to be quiet and listen.
The superintendent says it’s so important that all students leave high school prepared for postsecondary learning. — SO THEN WHY TAKE AWAY CLASSIC LITERATURE?  WHY TAKE AWAY LEGITIMATE MATH? WHY TAKE AWAY NARRATIVE WRITING?  WHY SLOW DOWN THE TIME THAT CHILDREN LEARN ALGORITHMS?
Yes.  I know that writing in all caps is a form of shouting.


7 responses to “Arizona State Superintendent Believes Common Core Provides Benefits

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  1. Arizona is desperate for services. They have such a need for assistance because of the immigration problem there that they will take anything that looks like education but is really just daycare. Janet Napoletano, who was governor during Bush’s reign, implemented programs that increased funding for early child education-head start and preschool. Our family was able to take advantage of the preschool programs there, but we were able to pick what we wanted to be involved with, had access to the curriculum, and school was only a few times a week unless you needed daycare. Arizona schools, with the exception of the Mesa/Gilbert area, are appallingly bad. The social issues are so oppressive, turning education over to the federal government takes a huge monkey off their backs. It is too bad. The could really turn it around and do some good there.
    As a point of interest, when we lived there, Tucson had the most charter schools per capita than any other city in the nation. That should say something about the education system there.

    • You do realize that the government is only taking over the data mining, i.e., FMRI’s, wristbands, and facial recognition software? Once that “grant” is gone the state has to pick up the tab forevvveeerrrr! And it may very well be a terrible state for education but that is a parent/state (local) issue that needs to be addressed.

  2. yeah right! blah blah blahblah! wait till her kids or grandkids have to wear a data collecting device..we’ll see how muchshe likes it then!!!

  3. The Federal Government should be giving Arizona money to them to stop the constant flow of illegal immigrants who cross over daily and then take up residence here, demand SS and food stamps, then sell guns off street corners, and sell drugs to children and teens. Give the 10 Amendment another look. The states know what is best and they should be able to take care of what they need to and how they need to. State’s Rights are the factor here and all the governors and state school boards are selling our children at a high price to the federal government. As it has been said before, Our children are not for sale! The government is made up by the people and everyone needs to be reminded of that! The government should fear the people and not the other way around. CCSS is an infringement on our God given rights as parents to seek the best educational opportunities for our children. I see that CCSS is not the best source of learning for my children and I have the right to seek other means of educational opportunities for them!
    Carie, Are looking at the legality of CCSS? Have you read where it is unconstitutional and illegal for the fed government to establish a national standard or a national test? If not you need to! Educate yourself and seek the truth because the truth is POWER! Take back your power as a parent and protect your children!

    Debbie Higginbotham
  4. Arizona now has a Pre-Head Start program for even younger children. I go to the movie theaters, and before the previews start, there are 2-3 commercials advertising government programs. It is ridiculous. Common Core is going to make AZ schools even worse. The content that teachers are teaching in 1st grade are not age appropriate. They are asking too much of them. Add on top of that the amount of children that come to school not speaking English well to begin with. We are setting them up to fail from the get go. No, DC does not understand the unique needs of a state like ours. We don’t need cradle to college daycare and teaching. We need parents who will read to their children, play with their children, etc. No government agency can do what the parent should be doing and expect success.

  5. Of course she loves it, she’s a Napolitano toadie.
    Janet Napolitano was the governor who swept this into AZ and was a co-chair of the committee bringing it to the rest of the Governors.

    Click to access AZsResults2008RevisedFINAL%20.pdf

    Read the foreward here:
    “ – Origin of the Common Core StandardsA report by the National Governors Association,the Council of Chief State School Officers, and Achieve, Inc.Partners: The Education Trust (Gates Foundation tied), National Alliance of Business, The Fordham Foundation. Janet Napolitano was a Co-Chair of the International Benchmarking Advisory Group.”

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