FBI and Dept of Ed Sued for Privacy Violations   4 comments

We knew that the Dept. of Education had been sued for violating student privacy by changing FERPA without congressional approval.

But now we learn that the same company, EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) has also sued the FBI for privacy-rights obliteration.

Now, ponder those two lawsuits in the context of the White House’s “data-mashing” goals (those are the words of DOE chief of staff Joanne Weiss.)   Recall, too, that the White House hosted a “Datapalooza” conference recently to celebrate the wonders of streamlining all data collection everywhere.

The White House is very openly promoting inter-agency data sharing.  They will not easily admit that they are making privacy laws looser and looser and reducing parental say over student data. But it’s clear if you actually take the time to read, read, read.


All the states have a federally paid for, federally interoperable State Longitudinal Database System which tracks citizens throughout their lives.

Please click on the links to verify.



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4 responses to “FBI and Dept of Ed Sued for Privacy Violations

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  1. Alabama has a data system but we did not receive money from the federal government, that I know of, for this.

  2. Here’s the link I found for Alabama having the federal SLDS. http://nces.ed.gov/programs/slds/summary.asp And here is the link that shows that yes, it appears not to have been federally funded. But it still is a matching puzzle piece in the de facto federal data collection system, it appears. Thank you for sharing.

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