Top Ten Scariest People in Education Reform: # 4 Bill Ayers   9 comments

Bill Ayers:  Down with America

Countdown # 4

This is the sixth in a countdown series of introductions, a list of the top ten scariest people leading education in America.  For numbers 5,  6, 7, 8, 9 and 10,  click here.

Unrepentant anti-American and former terrorist Bill Ayers  is highly respected in certain circles. He’s welcomed with open arms to speak to university students  nationwide.  His writings are welcomed at the New York Times.  He’s gets magazine   interviews and is glamorized by Hollywood .

He’s an important associate of the powerful Linda Darling-Hammond, she who calls the big shots as an Obama education advisor  and for Common Core testing consortia SBAC.

Many teacher’s colleges  roll out the red carpet for him  — it’s incomprehensible, but true.

Ayers has never swayed from preaching against Americanism and fighting for the overthrow of America and the implementation of communism.  He’s never apologized for the violence he caused in America during the Vietnam War.  He’s never actually discussed education much; it’s only a tool to him, a useful one to create the end of capitalism and the beginning of American socialism.

Yet people listen to him.

He was the keynote speaker at this year’s Association for Teacher Educators conference.  Here’s his University of Oregon speech, last year.    Here’s his University of Southern California speech: . He’s been invited as a featured speaker at the University of Nebraska, Minnesota State, Georgetown University Law Center, New York University, University of Wyoming — the list is long.

At last year’s “Change the Stakes” meeting he told listeners to grab control of political power by using schools and local communities.

And here’s a super scary one: an interview about Ayers’ original plans for “re-education centers” and “elimination” of people who would not be re-educated in the Anti-American philosophy.  The interview is with Larry Grathwohl, who worked with Ayers during their violent Weather Underground days.

Then there’s an unbelievable Ayers in an  out of control radio interview with Larry Elder that was also rebroadcast on Hannity.

What’s Ayers’ message?  He wants students to help him overthrow America as we know it and become global (communist) citizens, free of the U.S. Constitution and traditional values.  His message has nothing to do with education reform and everything to do with using teachers and schools as change agents for socialist indoctrination. He’s open about it.  He says:

“The great challenge for our generation to find a way not just to live differently as individuals, but to find a way to think differently about what work means, to think differently about citizenship means, to think differently about what it means to be a ‘citizen of the world.’  One of the great dangers that we live in right now, is I don’t think there’s any question, and I don’t think any of you would question, that the American Empire is in decline–that economically, and politically, and in  some ways culturally, that we are in decline.  And yet, the United States remains the most powerful, weaponized military system the Earth has ever known.

That’s a treacherous combination.  A declining economic power, and an expanding military power.  And we are going to have to find ways to re-imagine what it means to live in this coun–  in this world.  And here we are 4% of the world’s population, 4.5% of the world’s population, consuming vast amounts of natural resources, consuming vast amounts of finished goods, and no politician will say that the empire is declining and that the game is over. ” 

America, stop inviting this man to teach our teachers.  Please.

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9 responses to “Top Ten Scariest People in Education Reform: # 4 Bill Ayers

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  1. Wow, pretty frightening. They’re going after our children, trying to indoctrinate them with their social agendas in the schools. How do we stop this? I guess the same way they’re trying to do it, on a local level, by getting involved, speaking out, getting informed and fighting back and standing up to it in our schools and communities.

  2. Who are number 1, 2, and 3?

  3. There is no doubt that Ayers is a scarey dude with high powered friends and a destructive agenda. However, I am looking for the connection between Ayres and Common Core. Is he directly involved with CCSSI or PARCC? Does he have some influence over specific individuals involved? I need help connecting the dots.

    • One of the connecting dots is that the Smarter Balanced test will replace the standardized tests in all the states. It was designed by Linda Darling Hammond, a colleague of Bill Ayers. The Common Core has it’s beginnings in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge; Bill Ayers was one of it’s 3 co-authors. Arne Duncan and a whole host of other individuals are influenced by Ayers. Teachers are being taught strategies by Ayers proteges. Just google Bill Ayers and the Common Core. Stanley Kurtz and Danette Clark are two excellent sources on how over the last 30 years radical Marxist communists have gained control of American education.

  4. I had a teacher in college who used to say, “The problem with democracy is that it will eventually embrace the poison that will kill it.” Bill Ayers is just such a poison.

  5. Tinfoil Hat Alert Disclaimer:

    That’s all good and fine that you figured out that Annenberg Challenge and current University of Chicago Professor, Bill Ayers is a communist terrorist (“Charlie Tango”). However, rabid republican, old man Annenberg was pretty conservative fellow. So how do we get to a fellow traveler and personal friend of the dear leader (Obama was hand picked by Zbigniew Brzezinski, David Rockefeller’s lieutenant), across the great divide from 60’s revolutionary to doing the bidding of the NEOCON’s? That bridge is Mrs. Wallis Annenberg. David Rockefeller wrote his under graduate thesis at Harvard University on the Socialist Fabian Society. Later he went to graduate school at the University of Chicago. The University is a major recipient of the Rockefeller Trust monies where Bill Ayers works as an expert on education. The NEOCON’s began infiltrating the new left an co-opting them in the late 1960’s. Bill Ayers is such a vehicle to further their goals. The far left and far right may be poles apart on their ideology, but the methodologies of totalitarianism remain the same. Interestingly, Common Core’s Lynne Munson was a fellow at the NEOCON American Enterprise Institute and the elitist National Endowment for the Arts. The progressive movement, communitarianism, and the Fabian Society are nothing more that a stalking horses for the NEOCON’s and super elite’s globalist agenda. Common Core, like Class Dojo is a mechanism in the Agenda 21 Scheme, plain and simple ( P.S. Is is it not interesting that Mrs. Linda Gates bankrolls Lynne Munson’s Common Core, through her and Bill’s foundation, now that this power couple get to rub elbows with the big peoples at Bilderberger. They too have gone over to the dark side, like a once great man, Warren Buffet.)

    The Crimson Avenger's Left Nut
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