MSNBC Video: Your Children Belong to Us   5 comments

They really think they (the government) owns the children.

Education reform has redefined itself as the communist takeover of children by the government.  You have to see this video to believe it.

This diminishing of parental authority is re-emphasized by the fact that in the common core tests, (the Linda Darling-Hammond- led CSCOPE and Common Core tests) parents cannot view the tests.

Why have our school systems have done this?  When will a majority of parents and teachers join this fight for the children and fight to repeal the Common Core?

Please write or call our governor and school board.

Tell them that you are opposed to Common Core which makes student data mining –without parental consent– possible.  Tell them that you are opposed to the Common Core tests which are not viewable by parents, except for (in Utah) for a panel of 15 governmentally-appointed parents.

Tell them you want local control, especially parental control, back.   Now.

5 responses to “MSNBC Video: Your Children Belong to Us

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  1. I’ve sent an email to the board at the above email address expressing my concerns about Common Core.

  2. Thank you, Pam. I really don’t think our board understands fully what they’ve voted us in to.

    • Christel, I’ve just received a reply from Dixie which, despite its length, seems to be a standard reply because she references points I didn’t bring up and didn’t respond to those I did.

  3. I spoke with my daughter principal. She told me the teachers sign a nondisclosure agreement inorder to maintain integrity of the test. Only teachers can see the tests. I told her, none of the teachers want to teach this. This test is going to make our kids dumb and she was shocked I know about this test. I have been researching this. I have been letting everyone know it is tied to the federal stimulus money and if schools want this, they must use this test. Also kids must take test inorder to go to college! I am surprise we haven’t had an education awaking before it is too late. Vote every politician who voted for this mess along with the NCLB mess.

  4. ive been doing research for a while now and i qas shocked to see common core posters all over my 7 yr old daughters school! i dont know what to do..ppl wont listen!..they think im crazy!..if ppl would read these bills before they pass them we wouldnt be in this mess..not to mention MONEY HUNGRY! all i know to do is pray to God that ppl will open their eyes..or if not that he will go ahead and poor his wrath out..God bless you all.

    nicole dickeraon

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