Connecticut Principal of the Year: High-Stakes Testing and Common Core are Unacceptable   Leave a comment

Connecticut Principal of the Year: Advice to Politicians about High-Stakes Testing.

On the above-linked article at Diane Ravitch’s blog, I read the letter written by the 2012 principal of the year about Common Core Tom McMorran.

He explains why Common Core is unacceptable.  He pokes fun at the masses of people who say they support it without having any evidence for its claims of improvement to education.  “Elvis is alive: 50 million fans can’t be wrong.”

In a nutshell, the principal says:

Hard-nosed business practices (which I do not believe business men or women apply to their own concerns) have [no] place in a school…. there is a better way, and it is for all of us educators to embrace our responsibilities as professionals and act from Informed Professional Judgment. I am saying that we can either define ourselves or accept the so-called reform that is happening to us.”

Amen, Principal McMorran.


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