Oklahoma Rally Against Common Core Agenda   5 comments

Common Core is like the hull of a ship sailing out of a harbor, while still under construction.

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Common Core will make sweeping changes to the education system in Oklahoma and the nation, but the cost-benefit analysis of these changes has yet to be scrutinized, according to one state lawmaker.

A rally will be held at noon, Wednesday, March 27, 2013, in the Oklahoma State Capitol building, Second Floor, west hallway of the Supreme Court offices. This rally will be sponsored by state Rep. Gus Blackwell (R-Laverne) and Restore Oklahoma Public Education (R.O.P.E.). Blackwell, Glenda Murphey, the Reverend Paul Blair, Traci Montgomery and Jenni White will be speaking about problems with the Common Core agenda.

Common Core was written into state law in 2010. It was one of four education ‘reform’ measures necessary to make the state competitive for a federal Race to the Top, Common Core became law before the standards were available for review or any research had been accumulated on their efficacy or cost. Oklahoma never received that grant. Now that the Common Core and its testing arm, PARCC, are being instituted across the state, districts must have hundreds of thousands of dollars in eRate grants and writing school bond initiatives to fund these mandates. Oklahoma taxpayers are being asked to fund these reforms through property tax, cell phone plans and an increase in the state education budget. The total cost of which is still unknown.

The Common Core changes will also necessitate changes to the increased collection of personal student data, student testing, teacher evaluation, and school performance. At a conference attended by Blackwell and sponsored by Common Core advocates, in the summer of 2012, Common Core was likened to the hull of a ship sailing out of a harbor, while still under construction.

“The fact of the matter is: Few people know the extent of the changes, driven by the private groups advocating this change, which will result in large profits for a few private companies.” Blackwell said.

This year, Blackwell authored House Bill 1907 to create a task force to study the cost of Common Core. Though the bill passed its committee hearing unanimously, Blackwell learned it would not be heard in the state Senate. Blackwell was able to reach an agreement with House leadership authorizing a long-overdue extended legislative study on the costs of Common Core in Oklahoma schools.

I do not think Oklahomans want to relinquish the local control of their schools or the state-guidance of standards to the nationalization of education, by a handful of elitists in Washington, D.C.,” Blackwell said.

“The Common Core State Standards must be brought to bear under public scrutiny before we move further into its implementation. Taxpayers should not bear the brunt of a program for which we know little about, even three years after its inception.”

5 responses to “Oklahoma Rally Against Common Core Agenda

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  1. there has to be a less expensive way to fund education without the financial aid of the federal government. That is the only way to put education in the hands of the locals.

  2. What can we do to stop this insanity.

  3. As a teacher who has taught to PASS and the Common Core State Standards, I am still shaking my head at the inanity of repealing high quality standards that (finally) moved the Sooner State beyond basic rote memorization and recall and, instead, focused on true mastery of literacy prior to their implementation and in 2 months before the start of a new school year. The anti CCSS hype is based on hyperbole and misinformation fueled by uber-conservatives who have never taught the standards and who fell for the propoganda that Obama somehow was responsible for the CCSS (he wasn’t. Bush 41 was, e.g., CCSS was a Republican inititative started by a Conservative and that squeezed out Federal involvement). Even though the standards have been repealed-and I accept the Court’s decision- I will continue to teach to the CCSS while also meeting PASS, relying on the vastly superior teaching that was required to meet the CCSS (Socratic/Logical Thinking skills and high-order thinking). There is a reason that the majority of teachers and parents nationwide support CCSS: They are high quality standards. It was not the CCSS that was the problem; it was the curricula written to meet CCSS by Pearson that was the problem.I sincerely hope that the Standards Committee will take the good of CCSS and write them into our new standards. I also hope that R.O.P.E. will help fund curriculum purchases for all of the districts in Oklahoma who used their curricular funds to purchase CCSS aligned texts and now must wait 6-7 years before they can purchase new curricula (heads up; it will cost in the hundreds of millions for every district to buy new curricula. If R.O.P.E. can’t afford it, then prepare to see tons of school bond issues on the ballot asking for sales tax and poperty tax increases. I would expect every person who opposed CCSS to vote yes on these bonds). Following is an article that sums up nicely how those of us who actually have taught the standards feel about CCSS. And before the flame war starts, I’m a Libertarian-leaning registered Republican. Translation: Not a Liberal. http://edexcellence.net/articles/teachers-the-common-core-and-the-freedom-to-teach

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