Top Ten Scariest People in Education Reform: #6 – Linda Darling-Hammond   32 comments

Top Ten Scariest People in Education Reform

 Linda Darling-Hammond

Countdown # 6

This is the fourth in a countdown series of introductions, a list of the top ten scariest people leading education in America.

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Don’t be fooled by her sweet-baby face.  Linda Darling-Hammond stands for one thing:  forced national redistribution of wealth.

Yes, really.

And does Darling-Hammond wear  powerful hats!   A pillar of the Common Core movement, she’s been helping run closed-door meetings of the standards since before they were created, as a member of the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) Advisory Group since 2006.  She also leads (or plays key advisory roles) in all top educational bureaucracies, both governmental and corporate, including The Obama Administration, the National Governors’ Association, the  Common Core testing consortiaCSCOPE, WestEd, the American Institutes for Research (AIR), Alliance for Excellent Education, the American Educational Research Association, the National Academy of Education and many more.  She is a hero to communist reformer Bill Ayers. Why?  And what is she likely saying behind the closed doors?

Try this on for an explanation:  it’s a speech she gave last summer at a UNESCO conference in Paris.

In the speech, Darling-Hammond says that “we allow this extraordinary inequality” in America which may cause us to “innovate our way to failure.”  She shows a chart entitled “The Anatomy of Inequality” (see minutes 15:06- 16:00) that explains that taking away money from the areas of richer kids’ schools is a good idea (she mentions rich schools having too many swimming pools).

In her book, “A Flat World and Education: How America’s Commitment to Equity will Determine our Future,” she further explains why pushing for equity (communism) will solve the problems of education.  The book illustrates poverty’s effect on education (tell us something we didn’t know) and she comes to the false conclusion that a governmentally forced attempt at financial equity (redistribution) can create better education.  She doesn’t mention how this is to happen without harming individual liberty and without punishing the kids in financially stable schools.

Her ideas are being absolutely shoved down the throats of state school boards and legislators nationally.

And she is dead set on Common Core being the means to these ends.  Always has been.  She knew that others on the Common Core validation committee refused to sign off that the standards were legitimate; she was aware that common core would be an experiment on millions, implemented without any empirical data supporting its superiority claims. She not only supported this baseless decision making and the copyrighting and implementation of the common standards –but she’s now helping to write the common tests!

She provides professional development for CSCOPE teachers. (CSCOPE is the extremely controversial, secretive curriculum that parents cannot access, which now used in Texas schools.)

Darling-Hammond and her ideas are mentioned 52 times in the EEC report  For Each and Every Child, a “strategy for equity report” that she co-wrote.  In the words of Congressman Honda, another EEC member, it’s a “bold new vision on the federal role in education”  that wants to see “transformations in school funding.”

What does it mean that Darling-Hammond headed Obama’s  education policy team and is a member of Obama’s Equity and Excellence Commission (EEC)? What is she aiming to do for him?

Take a look at the EEC’s Opportunity to Learn Campaign.  Included in the “opportunity” is also the cessation of any semblance of liberty.  Dropping out is not an option; you can’t get suspended or expelled from school no matter how hard you try.  The EEC calls this “positive discipline.”  Also included in the “Opportunity to Learn Campaign” are “wraparound supports” such as extended learning time which might sound good until you realize that we’re moving away from a family-centered to a school-centered way of life that pushes parents to the periphery of children’s lives.

To translate:  Linda Darling-Hammond pushes for communism in the name of social justice, for a prison-like view of schooling in the name of extended opportunity, and for an increased federal role in education in the name of fairness.  She gets away with it because she comes across as sweetly compassionate.

But she scares me.   And people who listen to her scare me too.

32 responses to “Top Ten Scariest People in Education Reform: #6 – Linda Darling-Hammond

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  1. I love this series!!

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  11. Dear Mr/Mrs McCarthy, You scare me.

  12. No surprise you’re from Utah…

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  15. “she further explains why pushing for equity (communism)” equity and communism are NOT synonymous

    • Melissa, since the government has the power to enforce (punish, force) equity, then equity becomes communism. If equity happened with freedom of choice, as when a neighbor voluntarily shares his food and money with a neighbor in need, then I have no problem with the term “equity.” But freedom has to be there, or it’s the opposite of fairness, the opposite of compassion. Many people in this country feel that welfare is no longer just a blessing of charity, but an actual right. That is simply not true.

      If redistribution of wealth was a right, then to enforce that right, government has to STEAL from those who have more to redistribute it to those who have less. There is no other way to accurately describe what Linda Darling Hammond and the redistributors want to do. They want to remove the swimming pools from neighborhoods who can afford them. She said so! What honorable poor person wants to receive stolen goods? Really?

      Compulsory benevolence is NOT charity. And forced “equity” is not charity. We have to see through the words to what is actually being advocated, and at its heart, it’s socialism, which is a form of communism, which is what too many in America are pushing for today.

      • You acknowledge that poverty negatively impacts education. Students in poor schools are at a distinct disadvantage. If you are unwilling to take resources from schools in wealthier areas, what is your solution then? High performing nations make equitable school funding a priority to ensure that poor students have access to nutritious food, counseling services, etc. so they can focus on learning when they are in school. Clearly, poor schools are in need of more resources, so where would you suggest those resources come from?

        In addition, high performing nations have consistent national or regional standards that emphasize critical thinking and in-depth understanding. I understand that many people take issue with the process by which the Common Core Standards were written. However, the Common Core Standards are a set of consistent national standards that emphasize critical thinking and in-depth understanding – exactly what other nations have. I’m curious what you dislike about the actual Common Core Standards. Also, what would you like to see as an alternative to the Common Core Standards?

        • Hi Amanda,

          You make great points that we have unacceptable levels of poverty in our country. But look at the people within our government pushing for these changes, they are the ones that are holding the great majority of the wealth. Did you know that 1% of the population hold all of the key political positions, power, and wealth in our country? That is known as fascism. They are self-proclaimed “zionists”, that believe in a “new world order” and ascribe to luciferian doctrines. Even if you yourself are not a religious person, it is important to understand what the religious beliefs and practices of the top 1% elite believe. Some good sites to learn about this would be Jeff Rense, Freeman, Leonard Ulrich has some youtube videos on the topic. When you learn about what these people do and believe, it is very frightening to think that they are in charge.

          The common core is a means of controlling for active debate, freedom of thought, control of religious beliefs, and a propaganda-based version of historical events versus actual historical events. The curriculum is essentially a means of telling the student what to believe.

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  17. We have the highest income inequality since the Guilded Age…seems like the anti-communists are winning mightily.

    • Hi Jacman,

      Please go on youtube and search for videos that discuss the distribution of wealth in the United States, as well as globally. It seems paradoxical, but the world’s wealthiest (1% of the global population holds 90% of the wealth), are actually the ones who push for “global redistribution of wealth”. Communism is used as a tool to manipulate well intentioned people that seek to make better quality of life to all people. But communism has been shown over and over in history to result in mass murder, torture, starvation of its people. And the ruling elite remain unscathed. There are many good books on the subject of the elite. Also look at books like Behind Communism, about the Bolshevik Revolution, where 66 million people were murdered over 10 years.

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  23. Reblogged this on stopcommoncorenys.

  24. Watching a taped television program with my son and a nightmarish photo flashes across the screen. The photo is of Linda Darling-Hammond, along with a photo of her federal judge husband, Allen. Linda Darling-Hammond is being acknowledged as an American education hero on the August 10, 2015 (NBC) episode of American Ninja Warrior where her son is competing in the Pittsburg City finals. I think I may barf!

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