What One Person Can Do To Stop Common Core   28 comments

Across the nation, many people are beginning to raise concerns about implementing Common Core in our schools.

Wondering what you can do?  Here are some suggestions that add to what you’ll find in Truth in American Education’s action center tool kit.

1) Check this map of the U.S. to see if legislative educational liberty movements are happening in your state.

2) Check this spreadsheet to see if there are people fighting common core in your state and join them.

3) If nothing is happening at all in your state, do an internet search for Race to the Top application  (name your own state) and find the application from Jan. 2010
4) Go to your state school board’s minutes site and find out at which meeting the CCSS were approved (June 2, 2010 the standards were finalized… states such as Illinois approved them 22 days later!)
5) Like Truth in American Education because this is a main hub for national cooperation.

6) Start speaking to friends, teachers and family about common core — many use Facebook FB, Twitter, Pinterest, email, etc.

7) Call or write your state representatives.

8) Sign your state’s educational liberty petition  or start one.  If you need assistance, ask people from other states for help.

9) Attend local and state school board meetings and visit or call your state superintendent to find out who actually cares about this issue.  Sample questions to ask:

  • Where can I read our state’s cost analysis for implementing Common Core and its tests?
  • What is the amendment process for Common Core standards if we find out they are not working for us?
  • Where can I see for myself the evidence that Common Core standards have been proven to be of superior quality and that they are internationally benchmarked?
  • Where can I see for myself evidence that Common Core’s transformations  (deleting cursive, minimizing classic literature, moving away from traditional math, etc.) –will benefit our children?
  • What is the American process of representation of individuals in the Common Core education and assessments  system?
  • Does it seem good that the meetings of the standards writers (the CCSSO/NGA) are all closed-door meetings?
  • I read that there is a 15% cap on a state adding to the Core; so what do we do if we need to add a whole lot more to actually prepare our children well?
  • Although I have been told that Common Core is state-led, I missed the invitation to discuss this before it was decided for me and my children; please explain the analysis and vetting process for the upcoming national science and social studies standards.
  • The Constitution assigns education to the states, not to the federal government.  Also, the federal General Educational Provisons Act (GEPA) states: “No provision of any applicable program shall be construed to authorize any department, agency, officer, or employee of the United States to exercise any direction, supervision, or control over the curriculum, program of instruction, administration, or personnel of any educational institution, school, or school system, or over the selection of library resources, textbooks, or other printed or published instructional materials by any educational institution or school system…”    In light of this, please explain why our state has agreed to intense micromanagement by the federal government under Common Core testing.


28 responses to “What One Person Can Do To Stop Common Core

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  1. Wonderful!!!

  2. Hit the nail on the head! (Actually a whole toolbox full of nails!) Excellent analysis.

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  5. Please add Maryland to the growing list of States waking up to fight Common Core.

  6. You cannot be serious. Do you really know what Common Core is about? Have you read the standards? Have you reviewed the Anchor Standards for Reading? Have you read the literacy shifts? Have you examined the Standards for Mathematical Practice? Common Core is NOT responsible for deleting cursive: ask your school administrators about that as well as your elementary school teachers. I don’t care if students write in cursive; I’ll settle for legible. Common Core is NOT minimizing literature. In fact, Common Core is emphasizing that all teachers are literacy teachers, which means that all teachers have a responsibility to help ensure students can read proficiently and write effectively in each and every content area. Common Core is NOT moving away from traditional math. The text complexity of our textbooks is nearly 200 lexile points lower than they were between 1919 and 1945. What does that mean? We’ve dumbed down textbooks and nearly everything else in our schools since World War II.

    Go ahead. Go after Common Core. Go after a program that actually emphasizes the importance of sound instructional practice. After all, it’s terrible that your kids might learn to be better critical thinkers. The travesty that they might learn to write with evidence effectively. How horrible that your kids might learn to be analytical problem solvers. Yep, that’s pretty terrible stuff.

    If you want to go after something, go after senseless standardized testing and demand that organizations like Rupert Murdoch’s Amplify make sure that the assessments are worth something and actually report something. If you want to go after something, go after senseless government mandates that require a 1st grader to take nearly 21 standardized tests in a single year. If you want to go after something, go after senseless government mandates that require administrators and teachers to spend so much time aggregating and disaggregating reams of data that may or may not be contradictory and may or may not help administrators and teachers make good decisions, and take far too much valuable time from teachers doing their actual jobs.

    • You can’t have the standards without the rest. It’s a complete package. Not one piece is a stand alone. So, no matter how much you like the standards you can’t say you don’t want the rest of the Initiative. And, if you think the standards are that important, then join a movement to write standards that do not have the chains of standardized assessments, the federal government’s senseless over-reach, the aggregation and disaggregation of reams of data. Teachers and other educators do not need the Common Core Initiative. They are smart enough to take care of business without the constant tests, as you wrote. Yet, again, you cannot have Common Core standards without the rest of the Iniative.

      Do you see how troubling this is to those of us who have researched this over and over. Educators, like yourself, love the standards. What you do not love is the rest. However, you cannot have a piece and not the whole. It is by design that you would fight for standards. You have heard the words robust and rigourous to the point that when the assessments take over the teaching profession you will morph into rigor mortis.

      Think about this. Why is technology being pushed to the limit? One, the technology component has the potential to bankrupt schools. Two, human interaction grows less while dependence on asynchronous interaction with technology programs grows more. Third, parents will lose their ability to know what is taking place in schools because the schools can choose whether to report out to parents or not. Fourth, teachers do not even know what is tested on some of these assessments given through techonology and are told to treat it like it is Fort Knox. There will be no art nor craft to teaching. All a person in a classroom will have to do is make sure the electricity is working and the routers are not down.

      My advice, seriously, if you love the standards so much that you would sacrifice education to hang on to them knowing you can’t have them without the things that are so disagreeable, start a movement to write your own and push them the way the government, big business, and data collectors have pushed Common Core.

    • Elaine, your Ph.D. means nothing to me given your support of Common Core. Indeed, math has been made much more difficult! I was at my sons school today and the principal admitted to me that the implementation of Common Core hasn’t been a success. It has been a rather difficult road and he pointed the finger at students, claiming they haven’t “caught up to speed as of yet but they expect better results in the future”. This is ridiculous!

  7. Dear Elaine, you have a Ph.D. This suggests that you respect academic integrity. Please look at the lack of academic integrity that is driving the common core. Read the scholarship of Professor Christopher Tienken of Seton Hall University, Professor Thomas Newkirk of University of New Hampshire, Professor William Mathis of University of Colorado, Professor Bill Evers of Hoover Institute at Stanford University.

    They each explain exactly why the emperor of common core is wearing no clothes; why the standards themselves are an unpiloted experiment on kids. They have no empirical studies to point to for verification of the claims that the standards will create “college and career readiness.” The facts about common core math and English are readily available in the writings of the professors who refused to sign off on the validity of the standards when they served on the Common Core Validation Committee (Sandra Stotsky, James Milgram). But we can arm wrestle all day long about pedagogy and standards. That’s not even the point here. Even if these standards WERE as good as the marketing claims they are, even if I were asked to write national standards myself, I would be opposed to them. Why?

    Because national standards are utterly unconstitutional– it doesn’t matter how good they sound. Look at the tenth amendment. Look at the General Educational Provisions act. Our country does not stand for nationalizing education. That’s China. That’s England. Not here. Nationalizing education takes the power away from the parents and teachers who are closest to the children affected by them. It doesn’t get good results in any country. It kills creativity and innovation. It stifles the individual in favor of a collective.

    I agree with you that standardized testing of little children is wasteful and senseless. I agree with you that teachers are being asked to be bureaucrats. I think the only part we may not see eye to eye on is the fact that common core is so much more than a set of academic standards. It is a political takeover of schools and of citizen privacy. Keep on studying this, please. There is more than meets the eye. Thanks for writing.

  8. I am having a hard time finding my state school boards minutes site…can you help

  9. I would urge everyone to read this post. Join a local or national group against Federal government taking over our children and taking away our parental rights. If you don’t stand up now, you will eventually lost the right to do anything other than support your children. This is just one of many post if you would like more, please contact me http://www.natcure.org/what-is-common-core/

  10. Common Core’s Worth? Deleting cursive, minimizing classic literature, moving away from traditional math, etc. and these idiots believe that this will benefit our children in America?

  11. Excellent post! Thank you!

  12. PA’s information is wrong. That website is now gone. Our website is http://www.nopacommoncore.com. We also have a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pennsylvanians-Against-Common-Core/566916409995216
    And also a newly formed group in the Pittsburgh area for Catholics opposing CC: http://www.pghcatholicsagainstcommoncore.com

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    LOUISIANA PETITION AND GROUPS WORKING TO ERADICATE CCSS http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/louisianians-against-common-core/

  15. I agree is isn’t about standards as much as the data mining and national test that will lead to a national curriculum…we can’t get stuck in the WEEDS about what this standard means or what that standard means…. we won’t have a VOICE on any standard once we abdicate local and state control…

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  17. Reblogged this on DeSoto County Reform.

  18. Kansans Against Common Core in Kansas has a group who are fighting CC in Kansas

  19. Wow. I was looking for something, typed in a bing query and this popped up in the list. Reading over this again was actually…oddly, fun. I had read it over a year ago when I was much newer on the CC scene, just researching everything, both sides, sucking in all the info and youtube videos I could find and, as I always do in the selling world, studying the masters. It’s bittersweet, looking back at the early days of this “fight” we’re in. It seemed such a daunting task to delve into the unknown, since (and I’m ashamed to admit it) the most I knew of the education system was pickup/drop off times and where the school was located. But my goodness…Christel, Renee and Alisa had done so much of the hard work discovering, and then activating, and then sharing all their experience and information. We have The Utah Moms to thank for laying the foundations we all can now rely upon to this day, for the important updates and articles and support, and the activists you’ve helped cultivate all across the country. The information you gave back then is just as accurate and reliable as it was the day you wrote it. Thank you so much. Thank God for you, thank God for your passion for our country and our liberty, thank God you have the energy to stay in this fight, and thank God for your spirit, for standing up to the school and state boards and proponents, for fighting for teachers and parents and thank God for your heart, for fighting for your precious children and mine. We stand with you in solidarity as we all look ahead to the end of this madness, and at the head of this beast on a pike! God bless you all, and Godspeed!

  20. I am a parent in Georgia and my child is coming home with common core math. Even with the help sheet and the web site with the answer key I am finding it hard to help her with the math. I am 53 years old and a leader who has always been able to figure out how. They can’t follow their own directions. I am totally against common core. The federal Government has no business telling us how to educate or children. If this continues I see an upward trend in private school enrollment. I can’t see how our kids will excel above other countries unless they are third world countries.

  21. By the time you are able to stop the federal government many of our children will get discouraged and quit school. My granddaughter is at a traditional school in a district that was well known for excellence. However,now they use common core, it is written on her papers. My son spends hours helping her with math. She is in the third grade and cannot tell you answers to adding, subtracting etc. without taking forever to think about it. There are many math problem solving questions which she cannot figure out without my son. He does not get paid to do the teachers job. She even was tutored after school. Yet her grades show her getting A’s and B’s. Something is wrong. The school year is going fast and I am afraid she will not make it. She was so smart a couple years ago. Help!

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