Oklahoma Pastors’ Letter Against Common Core   11 comments

My hat is off to the wonderful pastors of Oklahoma who have joined together this week to write this letter to Oklahoma’s governor, state school board –and to all Americans.


February 19, 2013
To the Honorable:
Governor Mary Fallin
Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb
State School Superintendent Janet Barresi
Members of the Oklahoma Legislature


The most concerning thing about last November’s Presidential election was not the outcome, but that almost 60 million people thought reelecting Barak Obama was a good idea. How did a man who openly supports unfettered abortion, homosexual marriage, record setting deficit spending and the redistribution of wealth garner the support of nearly 60 million voters? The reason: That is what the voters have been taught in an educational system that is controlled by the Federal Government.

Beginning with LBJ’s Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the Federal Government began an unconstitutional power grab over public education. Then in 1991, President
George H. W. Bush tied American education into the standards set by the United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization. Since then, every few years the Federal government rolls out the latest version of the same old UN standards. Whether you call it Goals 2000, No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, or Core Curriculum it’s the same old junk and we keep buying it.

The Founder’s design was for local control of education. Unfortunately, the school busses in my town still say “Edmond Public Schools”, but they really aren’t. They are the Edmond branch of an educational system controlled by Washington D.C. We voluntarily have sold our freedom for the sake of funds that come from a bankrupt government, that forces conservative, God fearing Oklahoma children to abide by the government mandated curriculum which is birthed by UNESCO with the intent on creating a sustainable earth
without borders.

We have kicked God out of school and replaced Him with Darwin and Marx. If there is no God, then government is the grantor of all rights including my Obamaphone and Obamacare. That is why American Exceptionalism is no longer taught, but evil American Imperialism is.

Rather than teaching our kids to be thrifty, hardworking and self-reliant, we are taught government dependency. Since God doesn’t exist, there is no absolute truth and consequently right and wrong has been replaced with tolerance and intolerance. We are taught that Islam is good and Christianity is bad. We are not taught to be good citizens (as our founders demanded) we are taught to be global citizens. We are taught about “rights”, but we aren’t taught responsibility. We aren’t taught that no one has a right to do wrong.

Core Curriculum may be the most dangerous Trojan Horse that has yet been brought to our gates for the following reason. With the new push toward the [Common] Core Curriculum Standards, the ACT and SAT tests are adjusting to reflect those same standards. All text books will then conform to these new standards as even “homeschool” and “private school” will be forced to be taught to the test. If we do not stop this program now, it will become America’s next Medicare or Social Security and millions of children will be lost inside a one size fits all system to create equal mediocrity among the new “global citizens.”

Let’s restore American exceptionalism and reject the [Common] Core Curriculum. We’re smart enough to make decisions about our own children and our own schools. Let’s return Oklahoma
Schools to Oklahoma control.


Pastor Paul Blair, Fairview Baptist Church – Edmond

Reverend Dr. Perry Greene, South Yukon Church of Christ

Reverend Tim Gillespie, Seminole Free Will Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. Steve Kern, Olivet Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. Tom Vineyard, Windsor Hills Baptist Church

Reverend Gerald R. Peterson, Sr. Pastor, First Lutheran Church – OKC

Reverend Dan Fisher, Trinity Baptist Church – Yukon

Reverend Christopher Redding, Stillwater

Reverend Dr. Kevin Clarkson, First Baptist Church – Moore

Reverend Bruce A. DeLay, Church in the Heartland – Tulsa

Reverend Chilles Hutchinson

Reverend David Evans, Highland Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. Bruce A. Proctor
Reverend Dr. Jim D. Standridge, Immanuel Baptist Church – Skiatook

Reverend Donnie Edmondson

Reverend Paul Tompkins

Reverend Craig Wright, Faith Crossing Baptist Church – OKC

Reverend Jesse Leon Rodgers, Gateway Church of Ada

Reverend Ken Smith, Sunnylane Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. Charles Harding

Reverend Rod Rieger, Newcastle Christian Church

Reverend Ron Lindsey, Suburban Baptist Church

Glen Howard, Retired Pastor / Missionary and current host of Senior World Radio

Reverend Dr. Jim Vineyard, Pastor Emeritus, Windsor Hills Baptist Church

Reverend Brad Lowrie, CBC Edmond & Lighthouse Ministries

Jerry Pitts, Minister, Jones First Christian Church

Reverend Jerry Drewery, Norman First Assembly of God

Reverend Mark McAdow, First Methodist Church of OKC

Reverend Jack Bettis

Reverend Stephen D. Lopp, First Baptist Church – Jones

Reverend Pastor Mark D. DeMoss, Capitol Hill Baptist Church – OKC

Reverend Jason Murray, Draper Park Christian Church

Reverend Dr. Eddie Lee White, Muskogee

Reverend Mike Smith

Reverend Alan Conner, Northwest Bible Church – OKC

Reverend Dwight Burchett, Eastpointe Community Church

Reverend Bill Kent

Reverend Keith Gordon, First Christian Church – Crescent

Reverend Wendell Neal

Elder Gary Matthews

Elder Reed Downey, Jr.

Elder Don Crosson

Elder Michael Nimmo

Paul Sublett, Reclaiming America for Christ

Bob Dani, OKC High Noon Club

Charlie Meadows, OCPAC

Ronda Vuillemont-Smith, Tulsa 9.12 Project

Ralph Bullard, Christian Heritage Academy

Jack Clay, Christian Heritage Academy

John Merrell, Christian Heritage Academy

Sharon A. Annesley, Oklahoma Liberty Tea Party of Blanchard

Karen Yates, OKC 9.12 Project

Robert B. Donohoo, Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee

Jenni White, Restore Oklahoma Public Education

Lt. Colonel (Retired) Daniel M. Ward, OKC Tea Party

Joyce Stockton, Grady County TEA Party

Deb Corbett, ERWC

Don Spender, Oklahoma Second Amendment Association

Amanda Teegarden, OK-Safe, Inc.

Catherine White, Muskogee Patriot Townhall

– – – – – – – – – – – –


11 responses to “Oklahoma Pastors’ Letter Against Common Core

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  1. I wonder myself, though, about a pastor like Jim Standridge being on this list. His recent viral flogging of his congregation hardly seems to be in line with any Christian principles about love and treating people with goodness and not humiliation. I’m certainly not in favor of the Common Core, but there is a far greater issue at hand here. The people of his congregation are being attacked and bullied by him. What is that teaching the children in that congregation? It demeans the veracity of the letter above to have Pastor Standridge’s name on it. Sorry. But if comes to down to supporting Common Core or questioning a “bully” at an institution that is supposed to “minister” to its congregants, I first choose silencing the bully. His name should be removed from this list.

  2. You’d think at least one of the letter’s 60 signers would have caught the misspellings before this missive was posted. How embarrassing! Given the errors, perhaps local control of educational standards in Oklahoma isn’t such a good idea.

  3. @Karen….really?? What are the misspellings? You might want to highlight your text so that you can read it better because I don’t see the misspellings (at least not in the body of the letter….can’t speak for the pastors’/churches’ names and the cities.

  4. Kym, our President’s name is Barack Obama, and busses are electrical components. I will happily overlook busses — it’s a fairly common mistake — but there is really no excuse for the letter’s signers to have missed the misspelling of President Obama’s first name. He’s been in office for over four years now. Best regards…Karen

  5. State Farm CEO Ed Rust, Jr. Takes Stand on Common Core: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_X3WdlLBZg Fortune 500 Companies in Support of Common Core

  6. The problem with the comments are they are more concerned with spelling than the letters message. Really people- wake up!!!! I hope and pray more preachers and parents band together to get this crap out of our schools and away from out children.

  7. Sorry that these men of God have attached their name to something so full of untruths. There is no Common Core curriculum. There are Common Core standards. You can read them here. You’ll find no mention of God, or Marx. You can read the standards here. http://www.corestandards.org/

    • Dear Steven, when we say “Common Core” we mean more than just the soon-to-change Common Core standards themselves; we mean the whole package deal: the Common Core Initiative and all the education reforms that come with it, as outlined in Obama’s blueprint for education reform and as paid for with federal ARRA stimulus funds: common standards and assessments, student data collection as never seen before, teacher evaluation tied to common core, and school grading tied to the same. These federal “reforms” partnered with corporate partnerships that are not voter-accountable, together take away local control so that men and women of God cannot make their voices heard as the Constitution has previously outlined that local voices should.

  8. This country was built on putting God First and I believe it should stay that way, because God is the one who created it in the first place. This would be a better world to raise our children in and I believe there would be less crime. I vote NO to Common Core!

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