Californians Against Common Core   13 comments

California Republicans and Democrats are coming together to fight a common problem: the Common Core takeover of education.

At the Californians United Against Common Core website (CUACC) you can purchase Orlean Koehle’s book, “Common Core: A Trojan Horse for Education Reform” and see the growing list of Californian individuals and organizations opposing the Obama-backed initiative:

Eagle Forum of California – Orlean Koehle, President
Eagle Forum of Long Beach – Jeanne Goodin, President
Eagle Forum of Sonoma County – Carol Pascoe, Vice President
Pacific Justice Institute – Brad Dacus, President
Pacific Research Institute – Lance T. Izumi
David Geer – City Council Member Modesto
Redding Tea Party – Erin Ryan
Angela Weinzinger – President of Travis Unified School Board
Rosa Koire – Director of –
Nina Pellegrini – Californians For Property Rights
Heather Gass – President and East Bay Tea Party

13 responses to “Californians Against Common Core

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  1. Please contact me and let my wife and I know what we can do to fight this insidious crime against my child who will be going to the 1st grade next year……this really has pissed me off….and enough is enough already…. the secular progressives will not corrupt my last child.

  2. Leon, I am with you. I have an Open House on Wed where I plan to spend some time talking with Parents and handing out flyers on Common Core. I could really use some help putting this flyer together.

  3. Can you help me get the government information such as depart of education report from february 2013 and Family education education right and privacy act. i am interested in joining your group to help with the fight aganist common core.

  4. Dear,
    It is really difficult to find this site-
    I am from CA and for 1 month I could not find any local info I kept searching on google and yahoo by entering query “common core protest in CA”, “stop common core ca” and “common core ca”. The links from other states come up but
    not CA. On the link is not visible and doesn’t work . I think we need to address issue of “stop common core” internet publicity in CA. I am happy that I finally found out about the Rally against common core in Sacramento on May 10. But nobody knows about it in CA. Many people in CA want to stop common core but don’t know how to proceed.
    Please make your site more visible. I also think that a lighter background for web page instead of golden one would make the text more readable. I am writing this comment here because could not find any link for comments on
    Hopefully this gets passed along. I really wish more people participate in the Rally on May 10th to make it a success.

    • Dear P. Ratnam:
      I am sorry you had such a hard time finding We are kind of new at the website business. I will pass your comments on to our webmaster and also your good suggestions for improvement and see if we can implement them.
      What part of California are you in? I live in Santa Rosa, north of San Francisco. Are you close to where I am?

      How did you find out about Common Core? Are you a former teacher as I am or concerned parent or both?

      Orlean Koehle, Director of

  5. Hello,
    I am a concerned parent of a 7th grader that is an A student. We are in Murrieta where the implantation has begun. We were warned at Back to School Night that the kids would have a difficult time with the different styles of learning.
    What can I do as a parent to get other parents involved and informed? What angers me is the total lack of regard for the students and their own style and pace of learning is being taken away. Not only that why weren’t the parents notified of such changes?
    I am willing to stand up for our children but need assistance.

    Thank you,
    J Harris

  6. Hello,

    We live in Glendora and have a son in 5th grade. Common Core has begun here and even his teacher is against it and feels powerless. As parents are waking up and realizing this isn’t just teaching kids to be “more creative” and “think out of the box”, their questions are always, “How can we stop it?” I can’t answer that. I even had one parent tell me that she finally got more information on it and had an article forwarded to her that questions the legality of itl. Please tell us what we can do. I feel that this is being overshadowed by Obamacare right now and we are losing precious time.

    Thank you,

    Therese Fisher

    • Hi Theresa,
      We have a Common Core expert in our club, the Mt. View Republicans. She speaks out at school board meetings. Please contact me so that I can have her get in touch with you.


  7. Please also visit us and follow us on Twitter:

    We have almost 1,000 followers on Twitter now, more than almost any other state-level anti-common core group!

  8. I am a mother of a 4th grader in Temecula, California (known for great schools), but it has come to my attention from literally hearing teachers over the course of my daughter’s elementary years that they despise common core. I have done my research, I am appalled by what is expected of teachers, students, and parents. Common core will kill our education system, there are fantastic teachers who choose to quit teaching (we need the passionate teachers) because of common core. What can we do, please help. Where do I start?

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