Fox News: On Schools Dropping Penmanship (thanks to Common Core)   2 comments

An op-ed from Fox News (on fact that schools are dropping the teaching of penmanship –which is due to Common Core) brings up a good question:

What happens to the authentication of signatures when people can’t actually sign their names at all?  Will we revert back 100 years to when people only signed with an X?  The author of this piece is a forensic scientist who understands the legal and scientific importance of having actual, distinct signatures.

Handwriting is a physical act that helps learners remember what they learn. 

And it’s beautiful.

So, does anyone care?

Full text here:


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2 responses to “Fox News: On Schools Dropping Penmanship (thanks to Common Core)

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  1. I’m intrigued by your claim that handwriting helps learners remember what they learn. Do you know of any research for that? Do you know if any similar research has been done on typing one’s notes?

    My personal experience has been that taking notes at all distracts me from actually listening to whatever lecture or discussion is going on, not to mention that I am a chronic and incurable doodler. But now that I’ve dropped the pen and picked up my knitting in class my comprehension and retention have improved greatly. And this is from a person who doesn’t have dygraphia or dyslexia.

    As for the question you pose, I don’t think that society will lose their ability to write simply because cursive isn’t taught anymore because for that to happen every student in every grade would have to have been supplied with a word processor to use for every assignment. And even in the unlikely event that that happens, the students would still be able to read and recognize letters. Is it too far of a stretch to say that they’d be able to figure out how to make them if the situation arose?

    • Neko, you might want to check out the white papers done by cursive handwriting scholars at their conference. Link here:

      You make a good point when you say that you learn well while knitting. What works for one doesn’t work for another. Common Core is one size fits all. No local school, district, or teacher is allowed to determine standards. No parent can try to amend something that does not work for him/her.

      It’s not a question of whether we should mandate cursive instruction for all elementary schools or not; the point is not to mandate but to share what works but allow localities the choice. –As is constitutionally the only legal way to go.

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