Indiana General Assembly Hears Pro- and Anti-Common Core Bill Testimonies   2 comments

Right now, at this very moment, the Indiana General Assembly is listening to testimony from both proponents and critics of the Common Core national standards.  You can watch here:

They are into  double overtime.
Right now, I ‘m watching/listening to the testimonies of pro-common core teachers, and it’s painful.  Why?

These teachers are obviously intelligent, caring, devoted people.  They speak about the problems of remediation, the wonders of having students read challenging texts, and their opinion that the old Indiana State Standards were inferior to Common Core standards.

But what do none of them talk about?

The part they haven’t studied!

The robbery of their state’s right to set, and later to alter, education standards.  This is a Constitutional right that they have given up.  Do these teachers have any idea of that fact?

The robbery of their students’ privacy rights, via the SLDS database that the federal government paid Indiana (and all other states) to build, to track and to control citizens.  Do these teachers know this?

The robbery of the taxpayers.  I am sure these teachers have no idea that there is a greedy corporate train that cares nothing for students that is poised to make billions and billions of dollars by “implementing” the Common Core, and that almost all previous textbooks and technologies will be kicked to the curb.  Most state legislatures have not done any sort of cost analysis.  None!  That’s nuts.

And the one teacher who I heard talk about classic literature seemed to think that because some classic literature is permitted, yes, even recommended by the Common Core, that would make the elimination of most classic literature somehow unimportant.


I hope and pray that the legislators see the truth:  that these wonderful teachers and their testimonies reflect the beauty of caring teachers and their devotion to improving their students’ lives.  But they do not reflect a viable assessment of the Common Core Initiative in all its invasive and micromanagerial aspects.

I hope and pray these Indiana Legislators pass this bill that will halt implementation of the Common Core in Indiana.  Because the rest of the nation is watching.

And we want our educational freedom back.

2 responses to “Indiana General Assembly Hears Pro- and Anti-Common Core Bill Testimonies

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  1. Christel: First, I read your bio and, with all your education, why do you not know how to spell your own name? Just kidding. 🙂 I am from Indiana and into political intrigue and have some associations with bloggers in that regard, but this C. Core thing and it happening in Indiana reminds me of the recent push here for “Local Government Reform.” It was pushed by progressives, and not necessarily Democrat progressives for consolidation, and “efficiency” and was of course supported by our wonkish Governor. But not many people paid attention that it was written by the Indiana University Center for URBAN Affairs and the ENVIRONMENT (EMPHASIS MINE). It’s not going anywhere much, but it demonized our “archaic” constitution and demonized “local” politics and argued for appointed professionals to run things instead of what they termed the “politics of cronyism.”. Anyway, I see a lot of parallels. It is all about, ultimately, as Alysson noted, money and especially control on the part of those in the shadows.

  2. Thank you, Bob, for your insight.

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