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Common Core Florida: Orwellian Lessons (CLICK)

In this article, “Common Core Florida: Orwellian Lessons” the “Dissident Professor,” Mary Grabar, enlightens again.  I learned…

Did you know that the rejected superintendent of Indiana, Tony Bennett, had been flown to Florida to become that state’s new superintendent?  Why on earth did they want him?  What is Florida thinking? He was rejected by Indianans for refusing to dump Common Core.  The new Indiana superintendent gets it– that a lot more than educational standards are at stake.

Did you know that the Florida School Board had been lead to believe that there is “no opposition” to the Common Core in Florida?  By the Pinellas County school board?  No opposition.  Not even a statistical possibility.  I happen to know lots of Floridians personally.  I went to school there. I know not all Floridians are drinking that Common Core kool-aid.

Did you know that in some model lesson plans of the Common Core, the great lessons of Orwell in Animal Farm, that teach readers the evils and deceptions of communism, are reduced to being called fables?  For high school students.

Florida school boards are about to hear from a lot of concerned parents and teachers.

I bet.


3 responses to “Common Core Florida: Orwellian Lessons

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  1. I think I might want to move from Florida to Indiana. I am going to be on the phone with school board members tomorrow as well as my superintendent!!! I thought Rick Scott was a good guy. WRONG! He needs to get on board with Texas, Alaska, and the others who are rejecting Common Core.

    Debbie Higginbotham
  2. I can’t find organized opposition to common core anywhere! I am embarrassed to be a Floridian, and someone who supported Rick Scott.

  3. complicatedfabulous, I am an angry Floridian. I have not found much opposition due to the fact that we were not informed of what was going on. OUr school board failed to let its voters know of new testing and new curriculum coming into our schools. Keep talking to as many parents as you can within your children’s school. Unfortunately, what I learned is Rick Scott did not sign on for this. It was Charlie Crist, our famous liberal Republican governor, who gladly signed on. Rick Scott can’t do anything about this unless the people want to change it. We are dealing with an un-informed populous and that is what Charlie Crist wanted. Not a lot of parents are doing their own research and depending a lot on what the teachers are telling them. Here again, the teachers are being told at these workshops they have to go to, that CCSS is so much better and more “rigorous” than what Florid already has in place. No one is looking at the bigger picture and the teachers are not researching for themselves where CCSS came from or how this is going to have a negative impact on our children.
    Attend your school board meetings and start asking them questions. Send me an e-mail and I will let you read what I said at our last school board meeting here in Clay COunty. That will give you some idea of where to start. Keep doing your research and stay informed. Maybe together we can start the movement here in Florida.
    My e-mail is
    If there is anyone else in Florida, and you want to start changing things in your county, please contact me. Let’s make it happen together. Remember, we are the people and we can make a difference if enough of us speak out. Rick Scott can’t change it, he can remove himself from the NGA though, but we have to start speaking out loudly with our state legislators and then that will get us somewhere. One more thing, Tony Bennette was forced upon Rick Scott by the administration. From what I was told, he did not take him willingly.

    Debbie Higginbotham

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