Documentary Movie on Anti-American Education   6 comments

I just finished watching a documentary called “Agenda: Grinding America Down,” which you can access here:

I learned a lot.

At 52 minutes, it discusses why the hard left has tried so hard to take over education, turning children into willing tools and dependents upon the socialist state rather than individuals with self-reliance, intellect and moral character. The left pushes “social justice” in schools (meaning, we must steal from the rich, to redistribute to the poor) and teaches “relative truth” rather than truth. At 58:15 the film discusses the education unions and cites the National Education Association platform as being openly anti-parent. At 1:00 it discusses an NEA resolution to take children from parents as close to birth as possible. It discusses the new “pledge to the world” that is replacing the “pledge to the US flag” that is being chanted in an increasing number of schools.

Without using schools as a vehicle of socialist propaganda, these socialist/communist revolutionaries would never have been able to change the thinking of the majority of Americans from traditional, Constitutional Americanism to socialism (which they have successfully done, as evidenced by the latest Obama election.)

    If there is any doubt where Arne Duncan, Sec. of the Dept. of Education, is pushing our American education system (using Common Core as a vehicle) please compare his speeches– here–

–to the constitution of Communist Party USA.

Here’s the link:

Unbelievable, yes.

Yet there it is, in writing.

6 responses to “Documentary Movie on Anti-American Education

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  1. Satire? Or absolute ignorance, paranoia and stupidity?

    Am I reading “Newsmax on Steroids” or “The Onion”?

    Regarding Duncan and the Common Core, I agree they’re both abysmal and need to get thrown out ASAP. But, I suspect, for different reasons than the ones you’re advocating.

  2. I think you are getting your labels mixed up. The elite moneyed interest that are pushing CC are true blooded American Capitalist who just want to rip off a publicly funded school system. Call these crooks what they are Crony Capitalist . All of the players in this debacle are millionaires who want to make more money . The last thing they want to do is share their wealth with the average person .

    • Greg, thanks for writing. But I meant what I said. I am for capitalism: it’s the right to own your own property and business without government calling it theirs. If this was only a case of the greedy monopolizing the ed sales and textbook industry, I would not be very alarmed because I believe the natural flow of supply and demand and entrepreneurial innovation would fix it. What concerns me more is the governance of Common Core. When businesses and clubs like CCSSO and NGA partner with the Dept. of Education, then we the voters are left out. These elite combinations of powers do not take into account the fact that the local people want and deserve and must have their voice in their own governance systems. That is representation, the great principle our country was founded on. I don’t expect to be represented in a corporation but I can vote with my dollar bills there. I do expect to be represented in the governance system of my children’s education. And under Common Core, I’m not; it’s copyrighted by the private clubs that built it, and there’s a 15% cap on top of that. And the tests are enforcing the stranglehold. This is the danger of allowing public/private partnerships. Thanks for listening and please write again.

  3. Christel you are preaching to the choir. I agree with you about right of the people to control the educational system public moneys but remember the basic motivation for CC is the push to privatize our public funds. They tried it with our Social Security, but failed. Capitalism will look under every rock to find a way to make money. This is what makes Capitalism so popular throughout our world. Its a highly effective system yet when not controlled by morals or governed by laws can be very destructive.

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