Christopher Tienken on Common Core as Education Malpractice   4 comments

Professor Tienken of Seton Hall University has been writing about the follies of education reform for many years. He simply doesn’t put up with the ongoing unreferenced claims that proponents of Common Core are parroting one to another.  He writes:

“Connecting an individual’s education achievement on a standardized test to a nation’s economic future is not empirically or logically acceptable and using that mythical connection for large-scale policymaking is civically reckless. When education leaders and those who prepare them parrot that argument they actually provide credence to that anti-intellectual myth. When school administrators implement programs and policies built on those faulty arguments, they commit education malpractice.”

-Dr. Christopher Tienken, Seton Hall University

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4 responses to “Christopher Tienken on Common Core as Education Malpractice

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  1. Thanks for posting this and thanks for your work on the common core. It is very scary as a parent to see what is happening. I have read a bunch of Dr. Tienken’s articles on the core. I find them to be well researched and easy to understand. I reached out to him a couple of time with questions and he is very accessible. I am not sure if you ever talked with him or have seen him speak. He gets right to the point, and the point is that the common core has no evidence to support it. You and your readers might be interested in his website/blog where he posts articles, etc. He even has a video. Thanks for sharing his work and your voice. More parents need to get involved like you.

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