Read the Full Text of Agenda 21 (Educational Systems to be Supplanted by Environmental Agenda)   32 comments

Here’s a link to the full text of the United Nations’ Agenda 21 global transformation plan:

I take particular interest in these three chapters: 25, 24, and 36, as a teacher and as a mother.

Chapter 25 – the one about children:

Chapter 24- the one about girls:

Chapter 36- the one about education:

If you are new to governmentspeak, you won’t see many red flags.  It’s not until you slow down and really think about what they are writing (and not writing) that you begin to see how twisted this Agenda 21 really is.

Two examples:

From Chapter 25: “Ensure access for all youth to all types of education…  ensure that education… incorporates the concepts of environmental awareness and sustainable development throughout the curricula…”

Did you catch that?  Throughout curricula,  that means in every single class– spelling, grammar, science, English, math, history, technology, art, languages, sports, student government, debate, home economics, and the rest– students must be learning environmental awareness and sustainable development?  Does that not strike you as dogmatic- almost crazy?

Also from Chapter 25:  ” Consider…recommendations of… youth conferences and other forums that offer youth perspectives.” 

–On first reading, that sounds fine, right?  Listening to young people. What could possibly be wrong with it?

Well, look up “Delphi Technique” when you have some time on your hands.

There are sustainability youth “conferences” happening right now that are clearly little more than the globalists’ politically motivated indoctrination camps.

After youth spend time “dialoging” about environmental issues –where the dialogue is being controlled by Agenda 21 activist facilitators– those facilitators will take the youth recommendations back to headquarters. Nice.  Here’a a link to such a youth conference.  All 14-year-olds and up are cordially invited to be totally immersed in the green, anti-sovereignty, anti-constitution, pro-collectivism, pro-communist, environmental agenda:

It should not be creeping into our schools.  But it is.

Teachers are being taught to teach sustainable development across the curricula.

The U.S. Department of Education is pushing it.

Secretary Duncan says in the above linked speech, “Educators have a central role in this… They teach students about how the climate is changing. They explain the science behind climate change and how we can change our daily practices to help save the planet. They have a role in preparing students for jobs in the green economy. Historically, the Department of Education hasn’t been doing enough in the sustainability movement. Today, I promise you that we will be a committed partner.”

And here:  Unesco promotes “Guidelines and Recommendations for Reorienting Teacher Education to Address Sustainability”

It’s obvious that teachers are being pushed in the direction of Agenda 21 without knowing it’s a political agenda.  The Agenda 21 tenets, such as the supposed importance of limiting human reproduction, of limiting building, sports or recreational activities that touch grass, oceans or trees; of limiting airplane and car use, or of believing that there is human made global warming, are not settled facts among scientific communities (or in religious ones, for that matter.)  Yet teachers are supposed to teach them as settled facts, as doctrine.

Please have the courage to say no if you are a teacher, a school board member, a principal, or a parent.

Even if you happen to believe in the tenets of Agenda 21, such as global warming, population control, or putting plants above or equal with humans’ needs, do you believe that all children should be subject to these teachings, regardless of what their parents or teachers or churches believe?

Shouldn’t a child be taught to weigh competing theories and judge empirical evidence for his/herself, rather than accepting a dogma blindly?  Isn’t that what education is supposed to mean?

Yukon College Professor Bob Jickling’s article on this subject is worth reading:  “Why I Don’t Want my Children to be Educated for Sustainable Development”

Link here:

32 responses to “Read the Full Text of Agenda 21 (Educational Systems to be Supplanted by Environmental Agenda)

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  1. Great work on this piece! Thanks. I have been study Agenda 21 for about a week now, and I have already generated two posts on the topic just in last 24 hours. It is an extremely “enlightening” subject to say the least!

    I would appreciate any feedback you may have!

    In Liberty,


  2. Great article! Keep awareness at a very high level! You are right on spot with detailing the horrors of Common Core and Agend 21 and the tug of war for our children’s minds!

    • Ok so you say teachers are at the front line of spreading this Agenda 21 teaching. You are worried that these are not settled facts and teachers should have the courage to say no, and not teach this. Well I feel there is far greater evidence to support these issues than evolution, yet teachers are the ones who blindly teach evolution as fact. Look around, the ice caps are retreating at an alarming rate, the polar bears are almost extinct, yet you say these are not settled facts?? Get real.

      • I find it interesting that you should mention the melting of the ice caps! Here’s some additional information that I would like to share with you.

        Common Core is the vehicle being used to convince future generations that we are destroying the environment. While we are on the subject of the environment, there is something else you need to know. “Sustainable Development” is just another attempt to profit from man’s lack of understanding.

        Most people think that global warming is being caused by man’s misuse of the planet. It’s not. You see, our magnetic field that protects us from the sun’s radiation is weakening at a breakneck speed. There is scientific evidence of this fact and there is nothing we can do to stop it. This flipping of our poles is a naturally occurring event. Once the magnetic field is down, we are at the mercy of solar winds and the radiation of the sun. That is why we are experiencing such massive climate changes, increases in cancer, and other anomolies all over the earth. Here are several explainations of exactly what is happening.

        • This sounds like it probably does explain global warming and the changing weather we’re experiencing, however, the documentary does not say that this has anything to do with the increase in cancer because the magnetic shift has not yet occurred. It is more likely that the increase in cancer has to do with pollutants that we are breathing and that are in our water and food supply.

          I do believe that humans have a limited amount of time on this earth but I want to salvage as much quality of life as I can and not go around coughing up carbon fumes and destroying my health by ingesting pesticides and other chemicals. If we’re going to be so fatalistic about the future of the earth then we should stop reproducing because it’s a cruel thing to bring children into an environment that we have destroyed for them. Environmentalism is not a dirty word, it is a concern for future generations. We can’t save the earth but our children do have to live on it for as long as it’s available to them, and I don’t want my grandchildren to suffer because of my selfishness.

  3. Yeah! What we need to do is teach our children about the things that made this country so great. I propose we teach weapons training, how to be a rock star, how to own and operate a big-wheel truck and lets not forget the all important how to win on the Price is Right. We don’t need no stinkin knowledge of how to keep from destroying the planet after all I’ll be dead by the time it happens let someone else worry about it as long as I’m comfortable today. Education is the only thing that will save this planet. How can you fault wanting to teach children about how to not rape the planet?!

    A. Enlightened Person
    • Dear A. Enlightened, I hear you. It’s good to teach students to care for the beautiful earth that God gave us, and not to treat it poorly. I have no argument there. The problem arises when there is so much green-focused teaching that a) it takes away from other learning and b) it becomes a popular religion that includes earth-collectivism, where individuals’ property rights are sacrificed to the all-important earth-focuses collective, and where every toad and ant have equal rights with the humans, and often greater rights if you study what’s going on nationwide with the EPA harming landowners’ autonomy over their own land, already. I don’t mind if children learn recycling in school; but they better learn that the earth comes from God, not government, and they better learn that the individuals’ property and life rights have dominion over animal and plant rights. This is something that is changing in schools. Study the “Sustainable Development” movement for Earth Curriculum promoted by UNESCO and other education-oriented organizations. You will see that at its end, it’s a fight between sustainable development vs. sustainable freedom.

    • Actually, the important American ideals have nothing to do wiht the Price is Right. They are the freedom to practice religion freely and the freedom to not be unfairly taxed. Have you heard of those two important things?

  4. Excellent site. I like that you are focusing on the Agendas ideals of Education, which in reality is the Dumbing Down of children. I think it is important for each American to focus on what they know and spread the word. The UN and Agenda 21 have to be stopped, but I wonder if it is too late… I am trying to focus on the second amendment, but it sure is hard when all roads lead to the UN, and everything is linked for a purpose and it’s like trying to unravel a ball of yarn. Great Work!

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  6. through geoengineering, our masters are controlling our weather. They are conjuring storms of unbelievable strength and then blaming it on human behavior. Humans are corrupting nature and thus we have to change our behavior to calm nature. When it is a changed behavior scripted by our masters. The commoners are the useless eaters, eating the food of the aristocrats and must be eliminated. Study geoengineering (chemtrails) and HAARP predictions to find out when and where the next unnatural disasters will be.

  7. Thank you for your work on this topic. I come from the far left of the political spectrum and it has only been in the last year that I realized the nefarious plot being unleashed upon our world. It is good to see I have something in common with what appears to be right wing politicos. Agenda 21 is the plan to reshape out world and with efforts like yours we the people can stop them. Expose them, stop them, exile them!

  8. WE ARE THE ENVIRONMENT. Our culture is what needs radical change. Why are we so worried about keeping our national sovereignty?(something we had nothing to do with). No one picked where they were going to be born or what culture they were going to be indoctrinated into. We are Earthlings. The teaching of sustainability is essential because it is not sustainability of a ‘separate’ environment but of ourselves. Don’t misunderstand me this Agenda still serves the monetary economic “master” if you will and is therefore corrupt, and will continue to maintain an elite while the rest of us will remain subservient to them. That is why I am a strong supporter of a “Resource Based Economy.”

  9. Essential to understanding why we have government schools is the work of retired teacher John Taylor Gatto, who wrote:
    Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling is a book by teacher John Taylor Gatto. It has sold over 200,000 copies and consists of a multitude of speeches given by the author.

  10. Robinson TED talk

    Along a similar theme.
    It’s a good reason to abolish the US Department of Education.
    Gatto is more comprehensive, and knows how to get kids to self-teach.

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  13. “Did you catch that? Throughout curricula, that means in every single class– spelling, grammar, science, English, math, history, technology, art, languages, sports, student government, debate, home economics, and the rest– students must be learning environmental awareness and sustainable development? Does that not strike you as dogmatic- almost crazy?” It does not strike me as any more crazy or dogmatic than the fundamentalist Christian view, or fundamentalist Islamic view of incorporating the teaching of “god” into spelling, grammar, science, English, math, history, etc. Such fundamentalist teachings incorporated into education are the cause of the destruction of the earth we witness today. It cannot continue. The chosen believe that god has delivered them to destroy the earth for wealth and profit. He has not. Revelation talks about a day of judgment for those who destroy the earth, if you are a believer, then believe that. Even the constitution states that all men are created equal. Our founding fathers did not recognize a “chosen” people, but that all people are one. All men everywhere are equal. It is the doctrine of Christ, who was one. It is a doctrine of enlightenment and brotherhood and love for all of Gods children, whom Jesus asked us to love. Everything we do has consequences and many of those consequences are felt by our brothers and sisters around the globe. We need to be more mindful of the rest of our human family and how our actions affect them. Would you shop at Walmart if you knew their products relied upon polluting the water of a nation whose children are dying of drought and dysentery? It is insanity to approve of such things. Do you really believe that god approves of children dying so you can have more cheap “stuff”? Think about it, please. If good is evil to you, then what can you teach your children about how to live in this world?

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  15. My first visit.

    I am happy that so many are concerned about the miseducation of children and what all else is assailing us, We The Peeps, and that more and more citizens are joining the fights. But I think that at the basis of the peoblems has been a spiritual blindness and apathy/inaction for many decades.

    There’s you all, a sort of remnant of believers in what’s right & good & true. But the remnant is small by comparison with the numbers that should be actively fighting.

    I think that the rampant and unaddressed sins in our society are the real problem. Those and the fact that for many practical purposes God really is dead in the lives of those who are missing in action.

    Yes, we must do what we can, but I think that getting the sins out of lives is the only real/workable answer for both the short and long terms…an answer that needs to parallel all the other positive efforts

  16. You are all retarded… God will destroy this earth when he’s ready! Who wants to be controlled like this? I will fight it till they shoot me dead… You can’t save a planet that was made to fail eventually. If the sun don’t kill us a asteroid will. You are all sick pathetic excuses for human beings.

  17. This Country is a nation founded on Freedom. We need to Continue the Fight for our “Freedoms!” We needn’t be afraid to stand for freedom above all, at all times and in all places. We need to be willing to sacrifice our own desires for control over something to allow for others freedoms. Propaganda is created based on using good principles aimed at pulling people’s heart strings while vying for an ulterior motive. We are getting inundated by propaganda based on protecting the environment. People in our nation, our children included, see this propaganda, feel it is good and jump on the bandwagon. It is Environmentalists Vying for Supreme Authority and Control in our nation, gaining Power and Money by tugging on the heartstrings of the American people. Environmentalists use the concept of good stewardship of the earth and our environment as propaganda to empower the agendas and growth. They are gaining momentum and becoming center stage globally. Don’t blindly believe their skewed data. FIGHT for Freedom, Fight AGAINST these Environmentalists. Don’t be fooled, Do not join the environmental bandwagon. In medieval times, people used religious influence as leverage to control the people. Today, people are using Environmental policies to gain money, power and authority over us all. We must stand up against Environmentalists or we will fall to their ultimate supreme authority and dominion over everything in our lives. Agenda 21 is a vehicle for pushing their agendas. Fight against our children being taught this bogus data and propaganda as fact. To idiots like @Chris Nowlan suggesting they are experts on retreating ice caps and dwindling polar bear populations, how often have you, Yourself personally, visited to study such incidents to base your opinion? Most, if not all people, must rely on and base their opinions of environmental issues on a group of “environmental scientists” that get paid More money each time they cry “Global Warming,” “Natural Resource Preservation,” or “Overpopulation.” I’ve photographed glaciers in different locations since 1998 and as recently as this past July. I have seen first hand, that data/Pictures can be shown to prove both sides of an argument.
    Fact: The data we rely on is biased.
    We must open our eyes. Tell our friends, families and neighbors to tell Their friends, families and neighbors to fight against the Environmentalists. Fight Against the misinformation being indoctrinated into our children at school. Get Environmentalists Out of our Schools. Get them Out of our governments. Get them Out of our lives.
    Fight for Freedom,
    Fight the Environmentalists!

    Environmentalists are Vying for Supreme Authority gaining Power and Money by tugging on the heartstrings of Americans using skewed data as propaganda. Don't blindly believe their skewed data. FIGHT for Freedom, Fight AGAINST Environmentalists.
    • “This Country is a nation founded on Freedom”.
      Yeah? What country is that then? Sounds like a typical ignorant Yank who thinks the USA is the world! The Internet is Global! Get used to it and stop your foolish assumptions that everything that is said and done is American. It isn’t!!!!!

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  20. Education was never intended to be regulated by the Federal government. It was always intended to be state legislated. It’s time for the people and states of this country to stand against Federal government where is concerns common core. Our children should not be brainwashed any longer. They are being blitzed with a plethora of non-traditional teachings that are lies. Global warming is a farce…myth, just another way for environmentalists, or liberals, to make money. Agenda 21 is the blueprint that affords Liberals the platforms they desire to reach the earliest levels of child development, and effectively implement their left wing doctrines into our education system. Shame on them!

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  24. I am not happy that microplastics can be found in people’s stomachs now (including mine, no doubt); that pristine, uninhabited islands in the Pacific Ocean have been found to be full of human (plastic) debris; that the air in London (where I live) is considered to be so bad for my health that it may be reducing my longevity as well as increasing my chances of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease; that more than half the people of Britain are now obese due to the poor food choices they make; that the Aral Sea has shrunk to a fraction of what it used to be on account of our demand for cotton and instant fashion; that the Citerum River in Indonesia is now highly toxic on account of the textile industries pouring their waste into it. I could go on. Why would I NOT want to teach my students (I am a teacher) about sustainability?!? It is the issue that will most affect (= damage) them!

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