UNESCO: The Brainwashing Site For Teachers– Reorienting Academics to “Sustainability” Indoctrination and the End of Liberty   2 comments

Here’s the UNESCO’s brainwashing site for teachers. It’s aim is to “reorient” academics to focus on “sustainability” and to slowly eradicate personal liberty in favor of collectivism.


The goal:  UNESCO (United Nations) wants to “teach” (indoctrinate) everyone to become obsessed with “sustainability” to the point that they are willing to give up everything for sustainability– traditional academics; traditional authority of parents over their own children; parents, especially women, raising their own children; personal property, Constitutions, religions; traditional museums and media.  Nothing will be allowed to be more important than “sustainability” in anyone’s mind.

UNESCO wants to transform the thinking of every human on earth.  This is easier to do if they first indoctrinate teachers, since they can more easily “teach” their new religion of sustainability if teachers are converted first.

This link will bring you to UNESCO’s teacher training page:  Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future: a multimedia teacher education programme. 

Another interesting and scary page on the same site is : http://www.unesco.org/education/tlsf/   This is where they show which political programs teachers are to focus on.  One that is particularly disturbing to me is the emphasis on girls and women.

They want to make sure every mother is in the workforce rather than being home with her child.  And they want to limit the amount of babies being born in the first place; thus, they redefine as “rights” things like reproductive norms.

Those who think the “sustainability” obsession of the United Nations (and increasingly, of the U.S. Department of Education) is just about recycling are very naiive.  Sustainability is an ultimately anti-human, cruel political agenda that aims to governmentally control every person on earth –under the deceptive banner of earth care.

 “Sustainability” has no business in legitimate academic life.

2 responses to “UNESCO: The Brainwashing Site For Teachers– Reorienting Academics to “Sustainability” Indoctrination and the End of Liberty

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  1. The powers that be at the UN have an obsession with “women and girls” because they are radical feminists. These are not the type of feminist that you and I would probably be classified as, who believe women should have the same opportunities as men to pursue happiness, whether it be through work, volunteer activity, or family life. These are the type of feminists that carry a bitter hatred of men and family, and believe that only a perfect parity of outcomes will mean equality of opportunity exists. They believe all women should be in the workforce in order to create absolute equity with men, that women who have more than two children and/or aren’t in the workforce are oppressed, and that they are doing the women of the world a huge favor by forcing them to fit into their idea of what is good for them. You should check out the writings of Bruce C. Hafen, Lynn Wardle, William C. Duncan, Richard Wilkins and Susan Roylance to get a feel for what pro-family advocates are facing at the UN level, and what is one its way to the school near you.

  2. Women ARE the passers of the torch of civilization to future generations.The traditions embodied in the family and the community MUST BE DESTROYED BY THE UN in order for the nations of the world to all be made “equal”. The veil of “Sustainability” is just a trick to brainwash Americans to giving up the tradition of family ownership of land and community sovereignty that has created liberty and prosperity in America. PLEASE spread the word about Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development to citizens who attend your local meetings—city council, county commission, municipal water district or school board. MOST Americans are taken in by the ear-pleasing phrases coined by the UN —they must be educated to fight this threat to our liberty!!

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