How Fast Are We Losing Educational Liberty?   5 comments

How fast are our leaders negatively transforming U.S. Education and removing parents from the process since the election?

Ten days after the election, our Secretary of Education announced a new direction in which the US will partner with the UN and Common Core will be the vehicle for “International Education.”

Then, the Utah State Board of Education announced a $39 million contract with American Institutes for Research (AIR) an extremely liberal international organization with ties to one-world promoters Bill and Melinda Gates and socialist George Soros.  AIR collects data on school children and plays a very active role in projects dealing with Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) youth, Civil Rights, social and behavioral issues, and international health care.

How many parents know AIR  is the group writing their child’s new school tests?

Then, just this week, Utah Senator Orrin Hatch voted to bring a very dangerous UN Treaty to the floor of the Senate which Harry Reid will push into a vote.  It takes parental rights away in favor of a UN committee to decide what is best for the “rights of the child”.

Please call and write your representatives.

5 responses to “How Fast Are We Losing Educational Liberty?

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  1. I think it’s important to point out that Senator Hatch doesn’t intend to vote for the UN CRPD (the treaty he voted to move to the floor.) His aide told me that he wants the opportunity to discuss legislation and issues related to people with disabilities, but won’t vote for the CRPD. It needs 67 votes to pass, and that’s highly unlikely to happen. He knows that.

    • I think it’s also important to remember how bad Senator Hatch’s track record is on voting for conservative issues. He says one thing and does another. Seems to me that “discussion” about a dangerous UN Treaty should be done some other way other than to threaten US Sovereignty in case the vote goes in favor of the UN and globalists. I still think many people need to keep contacting Hatch, reminding him that we’re not alone in wanting state control of education, not UN control of the “best interests of the child”. Today, United Families International, The Heritage Foundation and Town all came out against this UN Disabilities Treaty, stating it’s a dangerous power grab from the UN into US Sovereignty.

  2. Here’s the link for the US plan for International Education put out just days after Obama won re-election. It proves that Common Core is not state-led. It proves this direction is not just nationalized. It has always been global and Common Core was the tool they used to implement international education.

    Click to access international-strategy-2012-16.pdf

    Here’s the link to the announcement that Utah will now be using American Institutes for Research to test all Utah children at the end of the year and offer tests in the fall and winter:

    Here’s the link for American Institutes for Research (AIR). Be sure to look through all the tabs to see their clients, political activism with LGBT youth, social and behavioral issues and international health.

    Here’s the link to show Town Hall and Heritage Foundation are against this UN Treaty for the Disabled which deals with parents’ rights of their children.

  3. When I called Hatch’s office on this, his staff told me he was voting no. Not yes, and then no.

    Senator Hatch voted for cloture to confirm Eric Holder, knowing he would be confirmed on the floor vote. He did the same with Cass Sunstein. Senators and Reps who really DON’T want something to go through will fight it in committee, fight it in the cloture vote, and fight it on the floor if it makes it that far. Some of our Utah delegation do this. Hatch and Matheson do not. Why not?

  4. Fair enough, Susie and Jared. I haven’t been watching Senator Hatch for the past many years like you have, as I just moved to Utah about a year and a half ago. However, I did watch Senator Ben Nelson in Nebraska do the “vote yes for cloture, vote no for the bill” acrobatics to cover his tracks again and again. It seems that’s what you think he’s doing here? And does on a regular basis? I’m going to guess it’s a favored trick of the entrenched Senators in Washington who know their constituents won’t stand for a “yes” vote. They can move it to the floor where it will pass, and please their entrenched (almost synonymous with “progressive”) lobbyist friends and media, while telling their constituents, “I voted no.”

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