Sec. Arne Duncan agrees with Sir Michael Barber on “International Education” and a global, not U.S. citizenship focus   2 comments

U.S. Secretary Arne Duncan just might be a Agenda 21 (United Nations takeover) supporter. How can I say such a thing?

Well. Not once in this speech does he mention “United States citizens” but he mentions “global citizens” and being “internationally engaged” and “globally competent” and playing on the “world stage” ad nauseum.

If enough people are taught to think of themselves as global citizens, they will have less loyalty to the sacred United States and its unique, freedom-upholding Constitution.

Will people treat American values more and more lightly and be more and more accepting of global decision making, global government, global laws and global punishments?

Remember– this is coming at us from many angles. It’s not just Arne Duncan or Obama. It’s not just one speech.

Pearson Education, led by CEA Sir Michael Barber, also pushes for “no borders” for education reform.

And Pearson’s Barber makes speeches (you can view them on YouTube) that he and his elite education leaders “want data” on “every citizen” on earth. And they want to replace academics with environmentalism as a central concern of teaching worldwide. Barber’s stated “formula” for education now is to multiply all knowledge or skills taught, by environmental education. That places environmentalism #1. Above academics. Above knowledge. That’s dogmatic and it’s extremely creepy when you realize that their philosophy is seeping into schools and governments worldwide –without pushback.

It should be on the news. Why isn’t it?

Sec. Arne Duncan is revealing his true colors as much by what he does not say as by what he says.

And “International Education Week” is a concept that makes me want to run screaming from the room.


2 responses to “Sec. Arne Duncan agrees with Sir Michael Barber on “International Education” and a global, not U.S. citizenship focus

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  1. Thank you for your continuous research. What ever happened to local education? You are right, this should be on the news!

  2. I read an interesting post on Mercedes Schneider’s blog about CCSS copyright being sold. That led me to think about ‘Why would they sell?’ ‘Who would purchase it?’ The first company that comes to mind is Pearson. However, why would they when they own PARCC and the curriculum. So, does the NGA and CCSSO really own and control Common Core? I am really questioning that. Could the NGA and CCSSO have been used as a cover for British based Pearson? The Obama administration knew the American People would put up a fight if unelected unaccountable ‘officials’ hijacked public education. However, the fallout would be far less than if the people knew control of American public education had left the country and was hand delivered to British Pearson and Sir Michael Barber. Is it a coincidence that the current CEO of the CCSSO is Chris Minnich? A former Harcourt (Pearson) employee.

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