Indiana Voters Rise Up Against Common Core   2 comments

Tony Bennett –dethroned by Indiana voters against Common Core

Glenda Ritz – Newly elected Indiana Superintendent


  Not only did Glenna Jehl beat incumbent John Peirce and not only did Tony Bennett get pushed out of his seat as Indiana Superintendent (and CCSSO member) –but also, in fact, Common Core was apparently the reason.

An Indiana friend writes:

“Those who are interested in the role that the Common Core played in Superintendent Tony Bennett’s upset in Indiana, should also take note of a school board race in Fort Wayne Indiana. Glenah Jehl ran on an anti-Common Core platform for the School Board of the Fort Wayne Community Schools. I believe I’ve heard that this is the second largest public school district in Indiana. She trounced her opponent, whom she unseated, 62 to 38%!

Her literature promoted local control and said the following under that heading of Local Control: Empower parents and students with choices and options * Recognize education begins at home* Resist ineffective federal initiatives like “No Child Left Behind” and the new “Common Core Standards.” Under the heading Academic Excellence she has the following: Emphasize quality education focused on child centered learning; not teach to The Test! * Recruit and keep superb teachers* Perpare our children to compete globally and succeed in the future by setting high standards, utilizing the best curriculum, and providing them with the latest technology.”

Hats off to Indiana freedom fighters!


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2 responses to “Indiana Voters Rise Up Against Common Core

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  1. I’m moving there if Utah does not follow! n a l t i c i n d u s t r i a l s, l l c.

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  2. I still have Glenda Ritz’s sign up in my yard. She has a tough road ahead of her because our newly-elected Governor will attempt to continue the destruction of our public schools. We will keep fighting for our kids though!

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