Why You Don’t Know What Common Core Is   7 comments

So the left-wing mainstream media are not about to tell the American people how Common Core harms local autonomy.  They support the left-wing.

And Obama and his right-hand man, Secretary Arne Duncan, love Common Core because Common Core creates the need to regulate education, testing and data collection nationally.

The Department of Education and Obama have been pushing Common Core from the start, but only when using a code word for it, (to keep up the facade that Common Core was a state-led idea, not a nationalized education plot) by calling it “college and career readiness” as defined on their ed.gov definitions page. http://www.ed.gov/race-top/district-competition/definitions

But what about Fox news?  Won’t they report the whole truth?

Well, no.  Fox won’t be reporting anything but positive propaganda about Common Core. Because Common Core is making Rupert Murdoch’s News Group and his Wireless Generation a lot of money.




Wireless Generation, a Rupert Murdoch group, is making lots of money from the political initiative called Common Core.   They have a whole segment called “CCSS Implementation Services” on their website.  Just like Pearson.


So how is the average parent of an American student ever going to find out what has happened to American Education if both the left wing AND right wing  media outlets are financially motivated to present Common Core as a good thing?

It’s only going to be independent thinkers, educators, patriots, parents, talk show hosts and independent newspapers.

You have to do the research yourself. You literally have to search and find out who is selling what before you believe anything you hear about Common Core.

I believe in the groups who do not accept government funding, like Pioneer Institute, Heritage Foundation, Restore Oklahoma Public Education, Truth in American Education, Eagle Forum, American Principles Project, New American Magazine, John Birch Society, Concerned Women for America, Dump Duncan, and others.  These are independent patriotic groups and therefore, I feel these can be trusted.


7 responses to “Why You Don’t Know What Common Core Is

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  1. To quote the the writer above, “You have to do the research yourself.” That’s right. read the Common Core yourself. There is so much room for school district and teacher input that this discussion is ridiculous. The Common Core merely prevents redundancy from year to year and ensures rigor, from which American Children have been deprived for decades. How many of you who are freaking out about it have actually read the entire Core? Yes. Do the research and stop listening to people tell you how to feel and what to think about it.

    • Dear Michelle Harris, reading the commmon core itself and realizing what it deletes from education (in math, cursive and classic literature) is the heart of the reason we are fighting Common Core. As a teacher, how can I –or any teacher– approve of what I know is damaging, not helping, my students to prepare for college and life? Research is exactly what this website is all about. The more, the better.

  2. take a look at this! scary alabama fascilitator! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4qtZCrvzRw

  3. There is no reason local people can’t control their own school districts. Parents need to be in charge of their children’s education, being involved with the local and State school board; determining curricula; not like in California where the court ruled parents have no right to question or determine what their children are taught. If parents knew their input was welcome, many more of them would be involved.
    The federal government ought not to have its mitts on every aspect of our life. Abolishing the department of education would be a fine start.

  4. The reason that people don’t know what Common Core is, is because School Choice proponents are preaching that it is the end of American Education as we know it. The truth in American Education today is, however, that the issue of Common Core is being used by these same proponents as a distraction from the fight that we should be waging: to preserve private school education for generations to come:

    Implying that Common Core/federal mandates are the problem associated with private schools (corporations) getting our tax dollars misses the mark entirely. The problem is that private schools ARE taking public money knowing full well that, in doing so, they are becoming agents of the state.

    “Publicly funded and privately serviced” is unconstitutional and unAmerican no matter the rest of the story.

    Are we to simply forget that private schools ARE NOT being forced to take vouchers? If they don’t want Common Core, the solution is a simple one: stay private — don’t accept government assistance of any kind. After all, that is the definition of “private school”.

    A very important point seems to keep being left-out of the discussion: “School Choice” IS designed to be THE END OF PRIVATE SCHOOL EDUCATION WHETHER COMMON CORE STANDARDS OR STATE STANDARDS ARE UTILIZED.

    What states are really being asked to decide in the “School Choice” debate is: do you only want government education–do you want to end the choice of parents to private education??

    Unfortunately, this cold, hard fact has been totally lost in all of this.

    The fight that we must wage is for the rights of Americans to NOT have their money that should be starting, expanding or securing OUR OWN businesses taken from us by the state and given to other corporations–whether Charter, parochial or other private entities.

    The fight that we must wage is to ensure that our grandchildren and their grandchildren will have the same opportunity that many of us gave to our children: a private education free of government interference in schools not sullied by participation in public-private partnerships.

    Publicly Funded + Privately Serviced = Nothing Resembling the U.S of A.

  5. The only connection I can see that we have with the other groups listed above is that we (Dump Duncan) do not accept money from the government. We differ in that we don’t accept it from anyone else ether.

  6. Tuition for each student should go to WHATEVER school their parents choose…public, private, HOME SCHOOL, religious…WHATEVER! It is NOT the “government’s money”. It is the parents’ money; whether they own their property, or rent, property tax is directed to the schools.
    And, AGAIN- abolish the “department of ‘education'”

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