Cursive Writing is Important for Learner Development   Leave a comment

Does cursive handwriting belong in education anymore?  Yes.


   Why does Common Core slash cursive handwriting from students’ learning experience, when the latest research indicates that handwriting importantly influences reading, writing, languageand critical thinking?

Some educators have shifted their focus from handwriting instruction to teaching only keyboarding.  While keyboarding is undoubtedly necessary, teaching this skill in lieu of handwriting can leave students at a disadvantage. If handwriting isn’t learned and practiced, students are not given the opportunity to experience the related benefits of this skill that has been shown to:

• increase brain activation

• impact performance across all academic subjects.

• provide a foundation for higher-order skills.

Research also recommended that knowing how a child’s brain works should inform our educational practices.  The act of writing by hand makes a significant difference to brain activation patterns.  Young children looking at and identifing a letter did not exhibit the same brain activation as adults.  In the brain’s visual regions, when comparing writing, typing, tracing, and visual control, much more activation was exhibited after the writing experience than any of the other experiences.   Cursive is also helpful for students who cannot easily differentiate between “d”s and “b”s when they are printed. 

We should keep cursive in our schools.

Handwriting Conference – RESEARCH PAPER ON CURSIVE – LINK:


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